good lookin' out

An expression of appreciation to someone for being helpful by noticing, realizing, or proactively doing something. A: "I noticed that the Martin file is missing." B: "Oh right, I almost forgot it. Good lookin' out!" A: "I brought pizza in case anyone was hungry." B: "Dude, I'm starving. Good lookin' out!"
See also: good, out

looking like a snack

slang Looking very physically attractive or appealing. He's just standing over there, looking like a snack—you should go talk to him. Ooh girl, you're looking like a snack tonight!
See also: like, look, snack

looking like a whole meal

slang Looking very physically attractive or appealing. The phrase is a humorous escalation of the slang term "looking like a snack." He's just standing over there, looking like a whole meal—you should go talk to him. Ooh girl, I hope you're ready to get hit on cause you're looking like a whole meal tonight!
See also: like, look, meal, whole
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References in classic literature ?
An' the other day, if I didn't find her sittin' 'fore the bed with the nurse actually doin' her hair, an' Miss Pollyanna lookin' on an' bossin' from the bed, her eyes all shinin' an' happy.
"Well, it strikes me Miss Polly herself ain't lookin' none the worse--for wearin' them 'ere curls 'round her forehead," he observed dryly.
I've worked pretty hard ever since I was a kid, an' since I've ben to the library, lookin' with new eyes at books - an' lookin' at new books, too - I've just about concluded that I ain't ben reading the right kind.
They've just knocked around over the world, lookin' out for number one.
I ain' lookin' for no scrap,' he says (See?), 'but' he says, 'I'm 'spectable cit'zen an' I wanna drink an' purtydamnsoon, too.' See?
My wife says, when she goes in sometimes, an' he takes no notice of her, he sits lookin' into the fire, and frownin' as if he was watchin' folks at work in it."
"It's my last fight, an' I'll fight as never before with you lookin' at me."
'See 'em comin' up one by one, lookin' fer nothin' in particular, o' course, but scrowgin' on us all the time?
"We'll be back," said Long Jack, "an' in case you'll not be lookin' for us, we'll lay into you both if the trawl's snarled."
"Eh!" he said, "I've kissed mother many a time that way when I come in from th' moor after a day's roamin' an' she stood there at th' door in th' sun, lookin' so glad an' comfortable." They ran from one part of the garden to another and found so many wonders that they were obliged to remind themselves that they must whisper or speak low.
Two lads an' a little lass just lookin' on at th' springtime.
Them feet-folks from York and Leeds that be always eatin'cured herrin's and drinkin' tea an' lookin' out to buy cheap jet would creed aught.
It may be comin' while we be lookin' and wonderin'.
But mayhappen they'll be lookin for ye at Mester Poyser's."
de boys is big enough to do day's works; dey does well enough; and Sally, she'll take de baby,--she's such a peart young un, she won't take no lookin arter."