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Now, Jikiza choked with rage, and foam came from his lips so that he could not speak, but the people found this sport--all except Masilo, who looked askance at the stranger, tall and fierce, and Zinita, who looked at Masilo, and with no love.
He looked askance at Princess Mary and said: "There are no horses; I told Yakov Alpatych so."
Better so, than live to be disgraced and looked askance at. Will not the Achaeans mock at us and say that we have sent one to champion us who is fair to see but who has neither wit nor courage?
The officer looked askance at the impassible figure of his companion, and grew pale: he was an honest man as well as a brave one.
In the plantation house at Meringe, always the several white men had looked askance at the many blacks who toiled for them and belonged to them.
In return, it looked askance at the crowd with its rampant bohemianism.
And the conversation then broke down, and the brothers looked askance at one another in silence.
The turnkey looked askance at her all the while, but never spoke.
At this the Sheriff looked askance at Robin, saying to himself, "I like not that thou seemest so well acquainted with this bold outlaw, and I wish that I were well out of Sherwood Forest."
Conservative elements in Pakistan have always looked askance at NGOs in general, given that much of their work involves the rights of women and marginalised communities.
India has looked askance at the project as parts of it run through Pakistan-administered Kashmir that India considers its own territory, though Wang said the plan had nothing to do with territorial disputes.
"The grey-haired ones are all sent to Europe for R & R in the summer and they come back looking refreshed," I said, and my ma-in-law looked at me with a big question mark on her face and then turned and looked askance at her daughter.
Where once they would have looked askance at anything that worked differently to the internal combustion engine, many drivers are now seriously considering other options.
The guest looked askance at her, probably wondering how and why she had come into the picture-then archly dismissed her irrelevant 'complaint' by pointing out that she could or should go in for complete dental reconstruction and surgery!
All the other political parties and many among the people looked askance at his agitation.
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