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look around

1. noun A usually brief visual examination of some place or location, done by walking around such a place and looking at its various aspects. The guide gave us a few moments to have a look around inside the ancient dwelling before we moved on to the next part of the tour. Do you mind stopping the car here? I want to take a look around.
2. verb To (usually briefly) visually examine some place or location by walking around such a place and looking at its various aspects. After 15 minutes or so of looking around, we both felt the house just wasn't right for us. I kept looking around for somewhere to plug my laptop in, but there were no outlets anywhere in the classroom.
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look around (at something)

to investigate something; to study something visually. Go into the room and look around at the way they have fixed it up. I went in and looked around.
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look around (in) some place

to investigate some place. Look around the kitchen. You will find what you want. Tell her to look around in the attic. Maybe the camping gear is there.
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For example, the recession bruited by the newspapers wasn't always in synch with the day-to-day experience of one writer, who looked around him and found a Japan that was still "mega-rich" despite the economic slowdown.
He looked around his Tuscaloosa, Alabama, community and saw great potential for empowering some of the most underserved citizens of his community.
His step faltered as he looked around. Why were men and women standing impassively, some with bowed heads, one or two dabbing their eyes, all silent?
Once I was seated I looked around and discovered that I was the only senior citizen there!
I looked around the club and asked myself, "Does it get better than this?" Then i caught a glimpse of Mark and concluded, "It definitely doesn't get better then that ..." Lindsey Byrnes
The Hotel Westlake on the western shore of Siltcoos Lake as it looked around 1912.
Here was a headquarters that has had everything to do with the growth of Naval Aviation, but when I looked around I saw little representation of its rich lineage.
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