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Thompson, yet to post a topfive this year, is passed over but Kim, another 19-year-old who has opened her Major account - and at the first attempt, in the Evian Championship last autumn - is showing the form to make Ko, Park and Lewis look to their laurels.
Yes, most certainly the existing incumbents of the mini genre such as the legendary Mini itself, the Fiat 500, Suzuki Swift, et al, are perhaps going to have to look to their laurels a little, for here is quite a smooth operator which is aiming to make a hit in the city car ranks.
It's now one of the sector's class-leaders, good enough to make other brands look to their laurels.
Small businesses are in fact already very energy efficient, and it is the larger ones and the public sector that need to look to their laurels.
And it could make Aston Martin and Ferrari look to their laurels.
I think the ambulance service needs to look to their laurels.
But now that the skimmers are no longer so tightly shoaled up, the front four will have to look to their laurels when the second leg is fought out on Sunday.
As he and Jordana step confidently into the celebrity limelight, Posh and Becks had better look to their laurels.
As Switzerland's corporate scene falls in-line with demands for better performance and more transparency in business dealings chief executives and chairmen alike must look to their laurels.
Yet they will all have to look to their laurels should Aidan O'Brien drop the remarkably versatile former Australian champion So You Think back to a mile.
Jaguar's new X-Type has made BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Lexus look to their laurels.
That won't wash with Sir Frank - and with Jensen Button once again looking a star in the making at Renault, the Williams boys had best look to their laurels.
It's one of the few restaurants in the UK that makes the Froggies look to their laurels.
However, they may all have to look to their laurels to hold Sir Robert Ogden's Cashelgar (Royer-Dupre/Gerald Mosse), who was narrowly beaten into second by Glass Harmonium in the Hampton Court Stakes at Royal Ascot last time.