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look to (someone or something)

1. To depend on someone to provide something. Students look to their professors for guidance.
2. To seem or appear to be something. This looks to be a situation you can't talk your way out of.
3. To expect something. I look to get a response today.
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look to someone or something (for something)

to expect someone or something to supply something. Children look to their parents for help. Tom looked to the bank for a loan.
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look to

1. Pay attention to, take care of, as in You'd best look to your own affairs. [c. 1300]
2. Anticipate or expect, as in We look to hear from her soon. [c. 1600]
3. look to be. Seem to be, promise to be, as in This looks to be a very difficult assignment. [Mid-1700s]
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look to

1. To rely on someone or something: He looks to his parents for support when things get tough.
2. To expect or hope for something: She looked to hear from the doctor within a week.
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(Rule #2: After setting a down screen on the low post, look to post up and then pop to the ball-side corner.)
If the WB is not open, the QB must drop two more steps and look to hit the WB in the hole at 10-12 yards.
Couple that with Cigna's 1.6% dividend yield, and investors can look to an 11% yearly return even if earnings don't grow.