look through (one)

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look through (one)

1. To act as though someone is not in front of one, either because one fails to notice them or because one is deliberately ignoring them. (Most commonly used in the form "look right through someone.") I pleaded to the bystanders for help, but everyone just looked right through me. I scolded Tommy for what he had done, but he just sat there looking through me.
2. dated To be able to identify or understand something about someone or some group, especially in spite of deceptive or misleading pretenses. (An older variant of "see through someone or something.") She has these piercing eyes that seem to look right through me, able to see the darkest, most intimate parts of myself that I try to keep hidden. I think most people can look through the company's flimsy PR spin and understand that this deal is a huge rip-off.
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look through something

1. to gaze through something. Look through the window at what the neighbors are doing. Look through the binoculars and see if you can get a better view.
2. to examine the parts, pages, samples, etc., of something. Look through this report and see what you make of it. I will look through it when I have time.
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look through

1. To peer through or as if through something: The astronomer allowed us to look through the telescope.
2. To go through something quickly or superficially, especially when searching: I looked through the book, but I haven't had a chance to read it.
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