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feel small

To feel insignificant or see oneself negatively. After that disastrous meeting with my boss, I've never felt so small in my life. He is such a jerk and always insults her so that she feels small.
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look/feel ˈsmall

(also feel ˈthat high) feel stupid, embarrassed or ridiculous in front of other people: Why did you tell everyone that I’d failed all my school exams? I felt so small.Mrs Jones made him feel that high when she criticized his work in front of everybody.
When using the expression feel that high, you often use your thumb and finger to indicate something small.
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Men with this condition think that they look small and weak, even if they are large and muscular.
And while the rise may look small on paper - 10p for cars, motor caravans, small goods vehicles and small buses, and 20p for heavy goods vehicles and buses - many people object to paying any sort of toll at all.
Nothing wrong with that, of course, except that in the Empire where audiences expect big musical shows, it can look small.
It may look small, but it moves like it has afterburners.
He's schooled very well at home, and has the size to make fences look small.
Pesticide limits discourage the consumption of fresh produce by driving up its cost and making it look small, shriveled, and ugly (as "organic" crops generally do).
This makes the hatchback's 380/1270-litre figures look small, and is up from the 505/1495-litres found in Golf's earlier wagon.
It makes my waist look small, and the low-cut neckline and the high-cut bikini line makes me look taller," the New York Post quoted her, as saying.
The dishes look small, but the intensity of the flavours and the amount packed into each one creates a filling feast.
STUNNING Cameron Diaz made a Hollywood big name look small time when she swapped Justin for Dustin.
The dwarfs are also angry that the play uses full-sized actors, with big furniture to make them look small.
At least the premises look small and decent whereas a few hundred yards down there is the messy sight of the Stirchley Swimming Baths left to rot for years.
But they look small compared to Pleasantly Perfect's $6,749,880, which includes huge winner's purses from the 2003 Breeders' Cup Classic and the 2004 Dubai World Cup.
JEANS TO THE RESCUE You may find yourself asking 'does my bum look small in these?