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feel small

To feel insignificant or see oneself negatively. After that disastrous meeting with my boss, I've never felt so small in my life. He is such a jerk and always insults her so that she feels small.
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look/feel ˈsmall

(also feel ˈthat high) feel stupid, embarrassed or ridiculous in front of other people: Why did you tell everyone that I’d failed all my school exams? I felt so small.Mrs Jones made him feel that high when she criticized his work in front of everybody.
When using the expression feel that high, you often use your thumb and finger to indicate something small.
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Celtic are a big club in their own right but Dermot coming out with this kind of stuff just makes them look small fry.
The growth has made Apple's existing Cupertino headquarter look small, forcing them to rent places in small buildings scattered throughout the city, located about nine miles west of San Jose.
It could make bankers' bonuses look small change, but at what cost in the final analysis to us, particularly the most dependant on the service?
She made life in their world look small & faded.
There are ways of making even [euro]750bn look small."
Their decisions may look small considered against the vast scale of business and industry.
"Individual measures may look small but it is overall impact that adds up to real savings, and support from the business community has helped make sure that savings to businesses are felt on the ground.
The West Midlands is no longer a swine flu "hotspot" but that merely reflects the fact that the rate of infection across the whole of England, including here, has shot up to such an extent that it makes the number of cases pre-viousldiagnosed in Birmingham look small.
Fancy window treatments should be avoided because they tend to make rooms look small as well.
I recently returned to witness the adult reality, expecting the area to look small and unexceptional.
anomala look small and innocent, but don't underestimate their ability to shake things up.
CONFESSIONS OF A FRENCH BAKER: BREADMAKING SECRETS, TIPS, AND RECIPES may look small and unassuming beside weighty and larger-sized bread cookbooks, but don't let its size fool you: packed within its pages are decades of baking wisdom competitors can't match for tone, content and insights.
I love my eyes, but they look small. How can I get them to POP?--Asia
David Doyle's compact reference book Warman's Lionel Train Field Guide 1945-69 (0896892999, $12.99) may look small, but it's meant for take-it-along consultation, whether it be travel to a flea market, model train show, or garage sale.
"Never fool yourself into buying something that makes your foot look small or cute."