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look like (someone or something)

1. To physically resemble someone or something. Molly looks just like her sister—I mix them up all the time.
2. To seem like or appear as though something is the case. Looks like we won't be able to come to the cabin this weekend after all—one of the kids is sick.
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look like someone or something

to resemble someone or something. You look like my cousin Fred. This one looks like an apple.
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look like something

to give the appearance of predicting (something). The sky looks like rain. No, it looks like snow. Oh, oh. This looks like trouble. Let's go.
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look like

1. Have the appearance of, as in This letter looks like an acceptance. [c. 1400]
2. it looks like. It seems likely that, as in It looks like they'll invite us to dinner. [Colloquial; c. 1900] Also see the subsequent idioms beginning with look like.
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Now he is getting what look likes damp marks coming through.
What does an energy field look likes? How do we study it if we can't see it or measure it?
What's more, it look likes Camp Bestival will win the awards for best festival setting thanks to the amazing setting of Lulworth Castle.
Or what about the shiny red halter neck dress that look likes something a lap dancer would take off (pounds 60), or the Barbie-sized pounds 120 leather jacket?
It is also commonly known as "a small round structured virus", since that is what it look likes under the microscope.
Bizarrely enough, what look likes a profits warning could be good reason to buy the shares.
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