look kindly on/upon somebody/something

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look kindly on (someone or something)

To be receptive to, approving of, pleased by someone or something, or to show favor to someone or something. The community has so far looked kindly on the government's development plan for the area. Following the coup, the newly instated dictator did not look kindly on those who previously opposed him.
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look ˈkindly on/upon somebody/something

(formal) approve of somebody/something: He hoped they would look kindly on his request.
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Rawdon Crawley's conduct, on the other hand, who got but a hundred pounds, was such as to astonish his brother and delight his sister-in-law, who was disposed to look kindly upon all the members of her husband's family.
Let us look kindly upon those brave enough to throw their proverbial hats in the ring.
have insisted that antitrust regulators would not look kindly upon a combination of the nation's two largest dollar store chains.
We refuse to look kindly upon drug dealers hanging around the gates of our schools and universities so as to poison young lives.
If you're new to your job but thinking of moving on, think twice: Potential employers might not look kindly upon the decision.
Although he was tried and executed as a genocidaire and Nazi collaborator following World War II, many Slovaks still look kindly upon his activities as priest and Slovak nationalist.
Sunday may be a bit iffy but then comes a host of heavenly bodies with harmony in mind, helping you to achieve your ambitions and nudging the world to look kindly upon your plans.
Had his trainer kicked on with him over the big obstacles a little sooner, perhaps Night Nurse would have beaten Dawn Run to the summit of Cheltenham's two highest peaks by five years; had he plied his trade in an era less thickly populated with top-class hurdlers, his numerical record would stack up more favourably alongside those of the multiple winners of the Champion Hurdle, before and after; but legend will always look kindly upon the bold and the brave in their battles with the fiercest of foes.
But if Senegal look kindly upon Blues request to waive the usual release clause of a fortnight before a major tournament, they could have the powerhouse available for one of their Championship games in hand.
"I believe history will look kindly upon him as it records his contribution to politics in the Republic and in improving the political situation in Northern Ireland."
The election stunned all of Canada as Calgary is notorious as one of the most conservative cities in the entire country and was thought to not look kindly upon immigrants.
Doctors' offices, stores, restaurants and malls do not look kindly upon big, wide tires dripping with snow and muddying their carpets.
Authorities do not often look kindly upon such behavior--although, as the Madoff situation suggests, regulators can be extremely blind to such situations.
Write to the company and say that you were not aware of this obligation and they may look kindly upon you.
THE DAYS HAVE STARTED getting shorter again; seeing the go down sooner inevitably sends the signal that the pennant s have begun in earnest, an exciting dine to be sure, and one of heartfelt prayer to the baseball gods that perhaps this year (finally, oh please, finally) they will look kindly upon our chosen team and bestow their blessings so that this long-beleaguered franchise ultimately may shed its crown of thorns in exchange for the golden ring of World Series supremacy--or not.
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