look (oneself)

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look (oneself)

To have one's normal appearance of health or wellbeing. Often used in negative constructions. Are you feeling all right, Janet? You're not looking yourself today. After a couple days of proper rest, Jim was looking himself again.
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(not) look yourˈself

(informal) (not) look as healthy as you normally do: She wasn’t looking herself at all yesterday.He looks more himself this morning. His temperature’s come right down.
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alive/sharp Informal
To act or respond quickly: Look alive! We leave in five minutes.
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Devolution has encouraged Scotland to look itself in the eye and to ask itself what sort of a country it wants to be.
This look itself strikes many eyes, and when spiced up with a wide gold band or handcuff, it totally adds more exposure to your overall getup.
The look itself was pretty and nicely separated - good for daytime definition, but not hugely dramatic.'
Stating this, we are actually adding a very thin margin to the flight search results in the first step itself to ensure our transactions are transparent in the first look itself," said a Tripdunia's spokesperson.
Ransomware is found on malicious websites and email attachments, most of which are suspicious in the first look itself, however the content it carries is lucrative enough to trick the victim into downloading the attachment or visiting the website.
PERMs EVERY comedian and footballer seemed to sport the obligatory perm back in the 1970s, but the look itself dated back even further.
The Grand National will always have its has ra opponents, but, while the character of the race has changed, racing can look itself in the mirror with the conviction that, while a strong element of risk endures, we occupy the ground on the right side of the ethical line.
They said they found the spoilt shrimps at the first look itself. "We can determine when we touch its head," they said.
You should ask yourself: Who are these people who diminish our land, once the light of the world for its honorable behavior, into an international pariah, too soul-sick to look itself honestly in the mirror?
Other than the look itself, it actually feels pretty comfy to cup in a hand.
My objection is not to the look itself, but the inelegance of the phrase.
Tino said: "Hairstyles became more chipped into and it became more about the way you felt about your hair rather than the look itself. If your hair looks good on you then that's fashionable."
WA R In the forefront of war death is very demanding, It simply beggars belief it's beyond understanding, Can humanity stand by and look itself in the face, Is the objective to destroy the whole human race?
What matters most is not the look itself but the luxury experienced by a man when he wears exquisitely made clothes and accessories.
"It has a lower profile, so there isn't that cumbersome height issue that often comes with blenders, and the look itself is very sophisticated.