look your/its best

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look your/its ˈbest

look as attractive, neat, etc. as possible: The garden looks its best when all the flowers are out.
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This is also the time when your home will look its best ( with attractive gardens, bright paintwork and sunshine pouring in your windows to cheer your rooms.
The home you'll be thinking about buying will also look its best ( so don't be taken in by a pretty garden on a sunny day.
gardens tribute Scholes-born Roy Castle (right) and the Methodist church (above); one of the 20 gardens on the trail (below) getting ready Hilary Deakin has been busy making sure her garden in Chapelgate, Scholes, will look its best
Liverpool will be welcoming millions of visitors during the next few years in the build up to and during Capital of Culture year in 2008 and our city needs to look its best.
To learn how to make your skin look its best inside and out, dermatologist Howard Murad will share tips and discuss new treatments at 6 p.
A building's entrance is the focal point where prospective tenants form their first impression of your property, so it must look its best.
For everyone who's ever worried about whether or not their iPod will make it through the weekend, the Bullfrog gives your iPod its best chance to not only survive, but still look its best too.
25, with more than 600 exhibits and demonstrations on how to make your living space look its best.
As we build out the Adobe Engagement Platform, centered around PDF and Flash, our creative products ensure that the content our customers produce will look its best, whether its on the printed page, an interactive web site or a mobile phone," said Shantanu Narayen, Adobe's president and chief operating officer.
As in the case of many other ornamental grasses, Nassella tenuissima should be watered regularly to look its best and grow fastest, but the soil it is growing in should be allowed to dry out thoroughly between waterings.
Image Manager lets the presenter quickly and easily set the optimum balance of brightness, color and contrast so that every type of image they project will look its best.
A new series of books on what to plant in your garden to make it look its best will have gardeners itching to get their fingers in the soil - and nongardeners admiring the gorgeous photography.
text and images) to look its best, producing goof- proof results every time.
To make the knot look its best, she suggests using a four-in-hand instead of a half-Windsor, making sure the tip of the tie ends at the belt buckle.
In the San Fernando Valley it prefers a partial sun exposure and, to look its best, regular watering.