look/stare/gaze into space

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stare (off) into space

To stare vacantly or absentmindedly at nothing in particular, usually while one is preoccupied with or distracted by thoughts of something else. I sat at the back of class, staring off into space, when suddenly the solution came to me. He just stared into space as his parents lectured him on the importance of paying attention during class.
See also: space, stare

look/stare/gaze into ˈspace

look straight in front of you without looking at a particular thing, usually because you are thinking about something: I asked her twice if she was ready to leave but she just sat there staring into space.
See also: gaze, look, space, stare
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Charis Kaur Poori, aged eight: "I would like a telescope as I want to have a look into space.
Both the BBC and ITV should fund an expedition, to search the far reaches of the Earth, look into space, on the moon and anywhere there's a faint hope of finding someone - someone they can employ to set up a half-decent format for their Saturday night viewers.
First light" -- the Hubble Space Telescope's first look into space -- elated scientists and engineers who had worked so long to ready and orbit the $2 billion craft.