look in the face

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look (one) in the face

To make eye contact with one, typically in a way that is confident or without shame. Look me in the face and tell me you're not lying. I feel so bad for what I said to Erica. I don't know if I'll ever be able to look her in the face again.
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look someone in the face

 and look someone in the eye; stare someone in the face
Fig. to face someone directly. (Facing someone this way is a sign of sincerity.) I don't believe you. Look me in the eye and say that, She looked him in the face and said she never wanted to see him again.
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(be unable to) look somebody in the ˈeye(s)/ˈface

(be unable to) look at somebody directly (because you feel embarrassed, ashamed, etc.): I knew he was lying because he wouldn’t look me in the eye when he spoke.
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