look forward to

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look forward to (something)

To excitedly anticipate something. I'm looking forward to visiting my family this Christmas—I haven't been home for the holidays in years! Thank you for calling me to schedule an interview. I look forward to it.
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look forward to something

to anticipate something with pleasure. I'm really looking forward to your visit next week. We all look forward to your new book on gardening.
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look forward to

Eagerly anticipate, as in I'm looking forward to their visit, or Jim looked forward to the day when he could retire. [First half of 1700s]
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look forward to

To think of (a future event) with pleasurable, eager anticipation: looking forward to graduation.
See also: forward, look
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The MCCI business model has strong potential for South Florida as well as other communities with growing elderly populations and we look forward to working with management and our partners to achieve future growth and continued success," said Bob Crants, Managing Partner of Pharos Capital.
We look forward to assisting IPM in providing a comprehensive and affordable solution that protects companies from downtime that can inhibit revenue and disrupt client relationships," said Tom Elowson, President of AcXess.
We are pleased to be working with RFMD on this transaction and look forward to enhancing the momentum and relationship between the two companies," said Behrooz Abdi, senior vice president and general manager for QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies.
Congratulations to Concurrent on 40 years of success, and we look forward to an ongoing relationship that helps bring many more.
We extend our best wishes to Concurrent on their 40th anniversary and look forward to a deepening, and mutually beneficial, relationship.
I look forward to working with our new CEO, Anthony La Via, and our Vice President of Sales, Keith Cyr, to ensure a smooth transition.
I look forward to working with existing management and our investors to build upon Flexstar's reputation as a leader in providing comprehensive testing solutions for the data storage industry.
Each of these partners has demonstrated their dedication and commitment to our concept, and we look forward to their success.
We are expecting similar successes and we look forward to building a great relationship with the Long Island communities.
We look forward to continuing to expand our successful China focused practice under Mr.