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look for (someone or something)

1. To search for someone or something. I'm looking for my sister—have you seen her? The neighbors are out looking for their dog yet again.
2. To pursue or seek something. Gerry has been looking for love in all the wrong places. Once he started saying all those harsh things, I knew he was just looking for a fight.
3. To anticipate or await something. Look for my card—I put it in the mail yesterday.
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look for someone or something

to seek someone or something. I am looking for Mr. William Wilson. Do you know where he lives? I am looking for the address of Bill Wilson.
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look for

1. Search for; also, seek out. For example, A search party was sent to look for the lost fliers, or Those kids are just looking for trouble. [Late 1500s]
2. Expect, anticipate, as in Look for a change of weather in March. [Early 1500s]
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look for

1. To search for something or someone; seek something or someone: I was late because I was looking for my keys.
2. To hope for or expect something: Look for a change of weather in March.
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In a dancer I look for individuality, and for good flow of movement through the body, the potential to show weight and lightness, and enjoyment of movement.
Look For: A very dark color and bright, glossy, plump-looking surfaces.
Look for 400 IU, but no more, since too much D is toxic.
Look for places that are almost always flooded, especially those that are densely stocked with doghair stands of cypress or tupelo.
It is best, astronomers agree, to look for brown dwarfs with space-based telescopes -- especially those designed to look at a fainter sky than IRAS did.
With the defense concentrating on stopping the 5-3 pick and roll, 2 will fade toward the corner and look for a 3 shot.
These advisors should be experienced in acquisitions and/or the industry you're considering, so they know where to look for potential problems.
Most times it was into the house she went anyway, but they stayed on the porch waiting for her to come out again while me, smiling, and Sharon and Nika posed and talked and tilted our heads...but they look for Eleanor.
Look For: Plump fruit with a uniform golden-orange color.
Look for SPFs that block UVA rays (the ones that burn).
Finally, we asked our panelists to point out some of the stronger sectors, where you might look for additional stocks in the coming year.
We want him to stay wide and, if #4 rushes, to look for the ball 6-8 yards downfield.
Look for a quality tapered-end brush (we like Sephora Foundation Brush, $24, sephora.com).