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"But you can't afford to look down your nose at anybody."
And it's nothing but snobbery to look down your nose at an organisation because you don't think they'll have the business sophistication to run a football club.
Telling the world how clever they are but seemingly unable to gain employment, how dare you look down your nose at the working man.
So if you are driving the latest Renault Espace or Chrysler Voyager, don't look down your nose if an aged, stubby-nosed CA minibus parks beside you.
Don't look down your nose at the match-fixers embroiled in scandal in Italy - because it's an odds-on shot it's happening here too.
If a drunk comes up to you in a hospitality suite and tells you to 'f*** off to Newcastle', you would look down your nose at him and walk away.
How about an installment called Don't Look Down Your Nose - I've Got Lovely New Clothes?