look beyond

look beyond someone or something

1. Lit. to try to see to a point farther than someone or something. Look beyond Claire at the forest in the distance. Look beyond the house and see what you can spot in the trees behind it.
2. Fig. to try to think or plan further than someone or something. Sally will be gone soon. Look beyond Sally and decide whom you want to hire. Look beyond Tom. Think about how you will deal with the next person who has Tom's job.
See also: beyond, look
References in classic literature ?
If you cannot look beyond the end you aim at, and seek the good which is not your own, all your sacrifice is to yourself and not of yourself, and you might as well be going into business.
But Orlando, though in tears himself (so Rosalind averred), had a higher sense of their duty to their ideal, and was able, though in tears, to beg her look beyond the moment, and realise what a little self-denial now might mean in the years to come.
Coming quite close up to her, he could from his height look beyond her, and he saw with his eyes what she was seeing with her nose.
He went for a fortnight--a fortnight of such dullness to the Miss Bertrams as ought to have put them both on their guard, and made even Julia admit, in her jealousy of her sister, the absolute necessity of distrusting his attentions, and wishing him not to return; and a fortnight of sufficient leisure, in the intervals of shooting and sleeping, to have convinced the gentleman that he ought to keep longer away, had he been more in the habit of examining his own motives, and of reflecting to what the indulgence of his idle vanity was tending; but, thoughtless and selfish from prosperity and bad example, he would not look beyond the present moment.
My first thought was to look beyond the draperies at the back of the throne, for there it was that I had seen Thurid.
Let's have a look beyond that door, David," he cried.
Canst thou truly look beyond even so vast a stretch of time as --"
I, too, whose duty, and pride, and pleasure, Kate, it is to have other claims upon me which I will never forget; and who have the means of a comfortable and happy life already, and have no right to look beyond it
I have suffered greatly, and I am suffering still, but I look beyond this life to a happy future which can only be reached through sorrow.
To Ralph, the pleasure of these last yards of the walk with Katharine was so great that he could not look beyond the present moment to the time when she should have left him.
I look beyond, and others rise, and yet others, far and farther to the shores of the uttermost waters.
I could have hugged that discerning and indulgent critic, able to look beyond the result to the intention, and appreciating the difficulties of every kind that had been in the way.
The momentary circumstance was too strong for him; he failed to look beyond the shadowy scope of time, and, living once for all in eternity, to find the perfect future in the present.
As soon as a man is wonted to look beyond surfaces, and to see how this high will prevails without an exception or an interval, he settles himself into serenity.
President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday urged his critics to look beyond their 'biases' and 'political agenda' amid their condemnation of the administration's actions and policies.