look bad

look bad

1. To give the appearance of something that is or could be considered distasteful, undesirable, or improper. Will you please just come to the wedding with me? It will look bad if I show up on my own. I know you don't like having your time as a line cook on your résumé, but it looks bad to have such a large gap of time between jobs.
2. To indicate a likelihood of failure or difficulty; to not bode well for the future. Things are looking pretty bad for the company at the moment, between the recent failure of their latest product and allegations of money laundering being investigated by the FBI. I know it looks bad, but I can fix it before the deadline!
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look ˈbad


not look ˈgood

1 (of behaviour) give a bad impression: It will look bad if you don’t go to the meeting.It doesn’t look good if you forget people’s names.
2 suggest probable failure, problems, etc: Things don’t look good for the economy at the moment.
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References in classic literature ?
"For it'll look bad when Justice Malam hears as respectable men like us had a information laid before 'em and took no steps."
Present appearances look bad for our success, but we must succeed and will!'
"Why," said Martin, looking with sharper attention at Adam, "ye look bad. Is there anything happened?"
"It does look bad. Suppose I say a word to Tom, just inquire after his heart in a general way, you know, and give him a chance to tell me, if there is anything to tell." "I 'm willing, but you must let me see the letter.
"Things began to look bad. We put the long-boat into the water.
"People think Christian art can look bad or cheesy," Chung says.
Summary: The blow may look bad for Huawei, but the company has been preparing to deal with just such a situation.
There are people who want me to look bad to my people," he said.
A(https://twitter.com/missedshapes1/status/1093827595035119616) nother social media user reacted  to the post and stressed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex don't need to make the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge look bad because for him, "Will and Kate make themselves look bad all on their own."
Trump: The very rude elevator screamers are paid professionals only looking to make Senators look bad ...
We do it so much that it does not look bad to us anymore.
[USA], Sep 14 (ANI): United States President Donald Trump on Thursday refuted the Puerto Rican Government's assessment, that Hurricane Maria claimed 3,000 lives in Puerto Rico, accusing the Democrats of inflating the death toll to "make him look bad."
'It may look bad, but I have an IRON-CLAD ALIBI: I was puppy-sitting and both Millie and Mabel can vouch for me.'
Sloh observes that internationally, Liberia and Burkina Faso's news agencies look bad, vowing that he will work to ensure that Liberia's news agency gets the support it needs to succeed.