look away

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look away (from someone or something)

to turn one's gaze away from someone. She looked away from him, not wishing her eyes to give away her true feelings. In embarrassment, she looked away.
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I am proud to be launching the Don't Look Away Challenge with Mary Kay.
At that point, something caused the thug to momentarily look away, giving Brisson an opportunity to grab a .
The film is ferociously claustrophobic, not simply because the principals are confined to cars and restaurants or because Ki-Yong refuses to cut away or let us look away, but because it's penned-in quality perfectly mirrores the character's anomie.
First, secure that cockpit door--really secure it--so the occasional deranged passenger can't kick his way in, forcing the pilots to look away from the controls while they attempt to ax him to death.
This book is like a train wreck: It's a ghoulish scene, but hard to look away from.
Think of Jane Hirshfield's line in her poem "Letter to Hugo from Later" (Lives of the Heart, HarperPerennial, 1997): "One thing no poet does is look away.
We can't let the statistics overshadow the human part of the reality, because then it's easy to look away," says Maryknoll Father James Noonan.
Slavery has scarred the mind and soul of African Americans--indeed of all Americans--and Wilson refuses to look away.
When a man approaches a woman, the normal response is to look away or look down.
They don't want their catcher to look away as soon as he sees the live signal - which would be a dead give-away to the opposing team.
It would be incorrect to assume that all Native Americans look away.
DALLAS -- Nearly 80 percent of parents have discussed dating abuse with their daughters, butonly 3 percent identify "no violence" as a characteristic of a healthy dating relationship, according to the Don't Look Away survey conducted by Mary Kay Inc.
If you think you live in a relatively clean country, look away now, as this two-parter reveals just how filthy Britain really is.
Some shows just have so many eclectic elements going on that you can't look away from them.
At the end of the 10O'Clock News, the lady newsreader warned anyone who did not want to see the results of the day's vital Premiership matches, to look away.