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look at (someone or something)

1. To focus one's glance or gaze on someone or something. Look at me when I'm talking to you! I looked at all the paintings in the museum, but none of them really made an impression on me.
2. To examine, observe, or analyze someone or something. You should let our team's physiotherapist look at you—we want to make sure it isn't anything more serious than a sprain. We have a specialist coming in to look at the antique to verify its authenticity. Would you mind looking at my report to see if I've made any errors?
3. To consider or regard someone or something. We're looking at a number of people we think would be well-suited to the job. The boss said he'll have to look at the budget for this year to see if we can afford hiring more staff. There's a whole other angle to this whole situation that we haven't looked at yet.
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look at someone or something

to examine someone or something. The doctor needs to look at the wound before you leave. You had better have the doctor look at you. That is a nasty wound.
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"It's a relaxing way to ask 'what if' questions, and even if you disagree with the author's premises or conclusions, a good story can often make you look at familiar things from a new point of view."
Also looking at what is available to collect often drives you to look at data that is irrelevant or drives an improper behavior.
Look at this buttery photo of Zered, remember how fresh it is, and when you go buy another board, buy his.
Once we have described the growth pattern for students, we then can look at the relationship between growth rate and sense of belonging.
So when we all look at you we see you not only as a Congressman, but a great American, a great hero, and a previous boss.
David Kohl and Tom Sanvitle provide a look at the impact of shared e-content licensing and high-speed document delivery in academic libraries.
He pauses in his work to look at me, and in that instant I tell his story.
I came home on a Saturday and had Tammy look at it, and she went, "Holy cow!" I went to the doctor on Monday, and by [the next] Saturday I was in surgery.
On my end, I certainly discourage applications from those [restaurants] who look at a glance to not really merit serious consideration.
My friend Roberto had taught me to look at the size of the weapon before reacting.
However, it is our job to look far out into the future to pursue promising areas of science and look at high-payoff, high-risk technologies."
In this issue, we take a look at some aspects of General Motors, the company that is still the largest vehicle manufacturer in the world.
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