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look at (someone or something)

1. To focus one's glance or gaze on someone or something. Look at me when I'm talking to you! I looked at all the paintings in the museum, but none of them really made an impression on me.
2. To examine, observe, or analyze someone or something. You should let our team's physiotherapist look at you—we want to make sure it isn't anything more serious than a sprain. We have a specialist coming in to look at the antique to verify its authenticity. Would you mind looking at my report to see if I've made any errors?
3. To consider or regard someone or something. We're looking at a number of people we think would be well-suited to the job. The boss said he'll have to look at the budget for this year to see if we can afford hiring more staff. There's a whole other angle to this whole situation that we haven't looked at yet.
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look at someone or something

to examine someone or something. The doctor needs to look at the wound before you leave. You had better have the doctor look at you. That is a nasty wound.
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The way her characters look at one another, that is, serves as Petry's chief means of dramatizing the degree to which sexist ideology inspires racist pra ctice, and vice versa.
Hedges who interrupts the Super's bid to assault Lutie, exclaiming, "'Ever you even look at that girl again, I'll have you locked up'" (238).
He could sit forever at that table and nobody would look at him twice.
Boy," he said in a rough voice, "ain't you got nothing better'n me to look at.
Uncle Beasley looked at Daddy, then me, then Miss Perkins, and then took a long, hard look at Momma.
And I don't see how you can look at me and call me one.
Assumptions used in the preparation of such information, although considered reasonable by Look at the time of preparation, may prove to be incorrect.
My mother was fascinated by her, and I suppose she read the magazines, and then I would look at the magazines and think, 'What a pretty lady,' '' says Margarita.
I look at it in terms of looking the way I feel - and that is a lot less grumpy.
Visitors will have the option to allow others to look at them or to have Look@Me automatically downloaded and installed for free onto their desktop.
Below is a look at what some of the major channels will show us in the upcoming months:
Upcoming events include ``Breast Men'' (December), an ironic look at the 30-year history of silicone implants; and a 12-part miniseries about America's Space program, ``From Earth to the Moon'' (April), which is executive produced by Tom Hanks.
until 1995, when the '50s and '60s styles came back into focus, followed by a last look at everything we wore throughout the century.
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