look askance at

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look askance at (someone or something)

To view or regard something in a disapproving or distrustful manner. I can't understand why everyone in this club is looking askance at me. Am I not wearing the right thing? Some people look askance at these institutions, but I believe they are beneficial to the public.
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look askance at someone or something

Fig. to be surprised or shocked at someone or something. The teacher looked askance at the student who had acted so rudely. Everyone had looked askance at her efforts as an artist.
See also: askance, look
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While the DOJ will rarely demand the involvement of the board, it may look askance at an investigation that is conducted by senior management when members of that group are implicated.
security issues, and Europe should not look askance at Azerbaijan, he recommended.
This is a very ambitious goal to say the least, the reason being that the states and the EP already look askance at mandatory solidarity between national resolution funds as proposed in the directive establishing a framework for the resolution of distressed banks in the 27, currently on the negotiating table (see Europolitics 4593 and 4624).
50pm, An amusing look askance at Windsor Castle, as quacks try to reacquaint George III (Nigel Hawthorne, right) with reason.
They look askance at any realistic move made by the Pakistan Army to end the country's international isolation by negotiating a common strategy against terrorism with the U.
Absent that, the Legislature should look askance at any attempt to a return to hiding PERS retiree information from the people who foot the bill.
Separately, Alliance members may look askance at or at a minimum may be skeptical regarding some U.
He said: "People will certainly look askance at him.
He did his best to look askance at Musetta's spoony behavior at the Momus before ending up in a heavy-duty lip-lock with her.
And yet, we collectively look askance at public education.
Of course, the insular people of Thalia look askance at outsiders, and Duane's friendliness with the sponsor of Rhino Ranch does not serve him very well in the closing days of his life.
Some hunters look askance at AR-style rifles, and that's understandable.
Most Americans would look askance at a nominee who blithely dismissed freedom of speech or the right to a fair trial.
The panel, chaired by Tim Charlton QC, said: "In the light of the 'red alert' over betting activity which came in before the race, it is recognised that some will look askance at the conclusions of the panel.
Even as we become a more accepting society, people still look askance at women in what were men-exclusive jobs such as machining, truck driving, and the construction trades.
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