look askance at

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look askance at (someone or something)

To view or regard something in a disapproving or distrustful manner. I can't understand why everyone in this club is looking askance at me. Am I not wearing the right thing? Some people look askance at these institutions, but I believe they are beneficial to the public.
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look askance at someone or something

Fig. to be surprised or shocked at someone or something. The teacher looked askance at the student who had acted so rudely. Everyone had looked askance at her efforts as an artist.
See also: askance, look
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Some viewers may look askance at Carell's archly comic manic intensity - what he deems a ``morale-booster thing'' ends, amusingly yet appallingly, with someone in tears.
Those who look askance at the trend of breeding Flat sires to upwards of 100 mares per season will be astonished upon browsing through catalogues two and three of the November sale.
Despite the Bakkers and the Swaggarts, because of the obvious power of TV, sincere religion should not look askance at it: Religious messages are important enough to be seen and heard widely.
Some officials look askance at having so much publicly owned art in locations where it is viewed by relatively few members of the public.
This Government pretends to care about racism, it pays extravagant lip service to the problem of immigration, but in trying to establish its politically-correct, multi-cultural credentials it has created a society where if someone happens to look askance at a black person it can be whipped up into a case of racial discrimination with a lotto-sized compensation payout.
Some researchers, steeped in the burgeoning psychological literature on the fragility of ordinary, everyday memories, look askance at increasing reports of people who enter psychotherapy and who then swiftly recall a childhood littered with sexual abuse.
Doell also said he and Oregon voters would look askance at any effort to weaken the Measure 11 mandatory-minimum sentencing standards - although Kulongoski gave no indication that was a goal of his.
But the straight-forward scam goes badly wrong in a wonderful, wonky three-wheeled thriller from the Coen brothers, who return to Blood Simple territory as they look askance at the baleful consequences of criminal behaviour.
The French often look askance at American know-how, and they take pride in their reputation as the gurus of fine taste.
These are shoestring operations that look askance at the expenses involved in meeting the requirements of state labor laws and other mandates.
I'd certainly look askance at anything that jeopardized the Valley's ability to pursue its transit needs,'' he said.
Yet no doubt some of the other Lakers look askance at Ceballos and wonder what other vacation spots he might have his eye on.
Many of us who were raised on meat and potatoes look askance at soy foods, but they're worth trying.
A wonderful, wonky three-wheeled thriller from the Coen brothers, returning to Blood Simple territory as they look askance at the baleful consequences of criminal behaviour.
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