look around

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look around

1. noun A usually brief visual examination of some place or location, done by walking around such a place and looking at its various aspects. The guide gave us a few moments to have a look around inside the ancient dwelling before we moved on to the next part of the tour. Do you mind stopping the car here? I want to take a look around.
2. verb To (usually briefly) visually examine some place or location by walking around such a place and looking at its various aspects. After 15 minutes or so of looking around, we both felt the house just wasn't right for us. I kept looking around for somewhere to plug my laptop in, but there were no outlets anywhere in the classroom.
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look around (at something)

to investigate something; to study something visually. Go into the room and look around at the way they have fixed it up. I went in and looked around.
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look around (in) some place

to investigate some place. Look around the kitchen. You will find what you want. Tell her to look around in the attic. Maybe the camping gear is there.
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So now, as you look around the classroom, the kitchen, the grocery store or the street, you will know that the talents of graphic artists everywhere helped to make those signs and packages and books and posters come alive to make a difference in your daily life.
Take another look around. In fact, look back over the past decade.
"People buy cars, brands and dealers, not architectures." Therefore the next-generation range-toppers at Saab and Opel will share the same architecture and have some overlap in size, but will not compete for the same buyers.* "Look around the industry," he says flatly, "there are amazing similarities among cars in a class in terms of chassis and powertrain.
Before returning to Albion I took a look around and was delighted to see that nice site archeire [architecture Eire geddit] at www.archeire.com claiming back Peter Rice, an Irishman hitherto too frequently described as a UK citizen.
As a class, look around the school grounds for three different locations to conduct a biodiversity survey (for example, grassy area near a fence, area with trees, full-shade area, full-sun area, and so on).
If you're ever in the neighborhood of Olean, NY, drop in and look around. You'll find a scroll dedicated to John McGraw, manager of the N.Y.
Look around the world today--the nations that are best able to provide for their citizens are the ones with vibrant, healthy, growing economies.
It is rewarding to look around the classroom and see your students enjoying themselves while meeting the standards."
Look around. Although the smaller sizes have sold out, you can probably find one extra large pair still unsold and on sale.
You Look around, knowing you are in the presence of one of the old-growth pine forests of the world.
"The next time you're out on your favorite fishing hole, look around," says Storelli.
Schaible told NL/NL, "The best way for you to experience SWEPA is to visit our web site and have a good look around....
When he drifts upstairs simply to look around, he peers through a door to see a creature with long hair reading about call girls in a magazine.
She is in the bathroom of an antebellum mansion near Savannah, Georgia (having climbed through a second story window the night before the estate sale to use the facilities and have a preliminary look around) when she discovers the body of her ex's fiancee.
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