look ahead to

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look ahead to (something)

To consider, plan for, or think about some future time or event. If you don't start looking ahead to your retirement now, you could be in serious trouble by the time you turn 65. With the election over, our party is already looking ahead to 2020.
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look ahead to something

to try to foresee something; to think into the future about something. She looked ahead to a bright future in sales. I look ahead to a new job when I graduate.
See also: ahead, look
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Forex traders look ahead to RBNZ rate decision, US retail sales, and news this weekend from the Treasury regarding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
Looking Ahead As we look ahead to 2005, our list of goals and priorities includes a number of important issues.
We are in a good league position, we are not going to go up or be relegated, so we want to look ahead to next season and beyond that to the new stadium," said chief executive Ian Carvell.
VIDEO Focus on football The Media Wales experts mull over the week's news and look ahead to the latest on-field action.
RICKY Hatton knows he cannot afford to look ahead to projected super-fights in front of six-figure crowds when he steps back into the ring against Juan Lazcano in Manchester tomorrow night.