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One thing we can look ahead to see are the tides for 2019.
He said one of his first tasks would be to look ahead to identify the kind of opportunities and challenges likely to be faced during the next five to 10 years "and ensure that the industry is ready and able to meet them head on".
However, Eurosport might have gone a bit too far this afternoon, with a look ahead to Euro 2008.
"There remain several issues of serious concern to me--particularly as I look ahead to the challenges of implementing the report's recommendations, with which I will inevitably be directly involved," he said in a statement.
Looking Ahead As we look ahead to 2005, our list of goals and priorities includes a number of important issues.
Our ability not only to look ahead to Hall but also to look back to MacDonald gives us an expanded historical framework that is cause for renewed intellectual excitement.
"We are in a good league position, we are not going to go up or be relegated, so we want to look ahead to next season and beyond that to the new stadium," said chief executive Ian Carvell.
And fortunately at the end, Zoe and her surviving friends are trying to look ahead to their futures with some hope that things will be better.
It will leave them desperately short of other choices as they seek not only to select a squad for the final Test, but also look ahead to the tour party for South Africa and Zimbabwe.
Evan, Ross, Reeve and Ben recap the results of the July 31 runoff and look ahead to what they mean for the upcoming legislative session in 2013.
VIDEO Focus on football The Media Wales experts mull over the week's news and look ahead to the latest on-field action.
Buoyant Blair insisted the success in the snow will give his side a massive boost as they look ahead to the Six Nations campaign.
TWELVE years after surviving a brutal hammer attack which killed her mother and sister, Josie Russell has spoken of how she prefers to look ahead to the future than dwell on the past.