look ahead to

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look ahead to something

to try to foresee something; to think into the future about something. She looked ahead to a bright future in sales. I look ahead to a new job when I graduate.
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A look ahead to some of the biggest and best gigs of 2013 P6&7
uk Rugby show Jon Doel, Andy Howell and Simon Roberts debate James Hook's reasons for leaving the Ospreys and look ahead to Wales' clash with Australia PLUS watch interviews with Will Harries on his aim to make the Wales number 14 jersey his own and Sam Warburton on his battle with David Pocock and being selected ahead of Martyn Williams.
Members of the business and education community gathered at The Biscuit Factory in Newcastle on Wednesday night to hear the charitable organisation mark its achievements of 2006 and look ahead to a busy year in 2007.
Be happy now, do not be sad Look ahead to the next half, be glad Life's too short for past regrets No second chances, be happy, just do your best
Looking Ahead As we look ahead to 2005, our list of goals and priorities includes a number of important issues.
With the recent inclement weather forcing several local teams to scramble to get in practices and matches across the Santa Clarita Valley, it creates an opportunity to take a look back at this season and a chance to look ahead to the final two weeks of the regular season.
We are in a good league position, we are not going to go up or be relegated, so we want to look ahead to next season and beyond that to the new stadium," said chief executive Ian Carvell.
As we look ahead to the worldwide growth of wireless systems, we're also looking ahead to numerous new applications for Telular's patented fixed wireless technology," he said.
Star Wars is one of the most popular and enduring entertainment franchises in the world, and there's no better time than the 30th anniversary to look ahead to the future of that galaxy far, far away.
VIDEO Focus on football The Media Wales experts mull over the week's news and look ahead to the latest on-field action.