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Indeed, he was still devoted to the study of chemistry, and had a laboratory of his own in which he used to shut himself up all day long, greatly to the annoyance of his mother, who had set her heart on his standing for Parliament and had a vague idea that a chemist was a person who made up prescriptions.
I long for it dreadfully, and hope you will send it before the river shuts.
That is not real conceit--that is only playing at being conceited; like children play at being kings and queens and go strutting about with feathers and long trains.
May, they told him, was in the dining-room inspecting the mound of Jacqueminot roses and maidenhair in the centre of the long table, and the placing of the Maillard bonbons in openwork silver baskets between the candelabra.
Up to midnight there was no sign of him; but long before this time I had reassured our landlady with a voice and face that must have given my words the lie.
Casaubon questions about English polities, which brought long answers, and, Will meanwhile had perched himself on some steps in the background overlooking all.
Jim's eyes stuck out as much as those of the Sawhorse, and he stared at the creature with his ears erect and his long head drawn back until it rested against his arched neck.
Think I'll indulge in one now, as long as we're stopping anyway.
Luud has lived a long time and has produced many kings, so he lets only a few live that there may be a successor to him when he dies.
She had folded back the page, so that no eyes but her own should see how the poor drawing-master finished his letter: "I wish you all possible happiness, my dear, among your new friends; but don't forget the old friend who thinks of you, and dreams of you, and longs to see you again.
She longs to call him Frank--she loves him with all her heart.
He says he longs to eat fat babies; but the truth is he is never hungry at all, 'cause he gets plenty to eat; and I don't s'pose he'd hurt anybody even if he WAS hungry.
He has but one feeling now--he longs for the day which is to unite him again to his wife.
You may perhaps tell me that he longs to get out of his place,--that he works too hard and fingers too little metal, except that of his musket.
He, greatly admiring Belinda's shining locks, longs to possess one, and makes up his mind that he will.