long shot

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long shot

1. A bet that has a low probability of winning. That horse is a long shot, but the bet will pay well if he wins the race.
2. Something that has a very small chance of succeeding. I know it's a long shot because of his busy schedule, but maybe I can convince him to help me with this project. Her candidacy was a long shot from the beginning, and her landslide defeat was no surprise.
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*long shot

Fig. a risky bet; an attempt, bet, or proposition that has a low probability of success. (*Typically: be ~; seem like ~.) Your solution is a long shot, but we'll try it and hope it works.
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a long shot

1. If you describe a way of solving a problem as a long shot, you mean that there is little chance that it will succeed, but you think it is worth trying. You could try to find her. It's a long shot but you could start with the phone book.
2. You can also say that something is a long shot when it is very unlikely to happen. It seemed such a long shot, me walking over the hills, and seeing you at the end of it. Compare with by a long shot. Note: The reference here is to someone shooting at a target from a very long distance.
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a ˈlong shot

(informal) an attempt or a guess which you do not expect to be successful but which is worth trying: Try ringing him at home. It’s a long shot, I know, but he might just be there.‘Are you going to apply for the manager’s job?’ ‘I don’t know. It’s a bit of a long shot, isn’t it?’A long shot is a shot fired from a long distance and so unlikely to hit its target.
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long shot

n. a wild guess; an attempt at something that has little chance of succeeding. You shouldn’t expect a long shot to pay off.
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com had the team listed as an 80/1 long shot to win the Stanley Cup.
It's a long shot I know, but I am ever faithful in good, honest people being out there.
Long shot of Sharif and Gul while they are speaking
Guessan again troubled Scuffet with a long shot off the crossbar before the hour as the Ivory Coast looked for a way back into the game, but by now Italy were content with their narrow lead and were only focused on containing the Ivorian's, with occasional counters.
Here are my top tips and remember to play the long shots for low stakes.
TOP TREBLE Rangers -1, R Madrid -2 Leicester not to lose (11-4, Coral) HOMES Bury, Shrewbury Plymouth, Ross Co Morecambe Perm any 4 and all 5 (Four 53-1, McBookie) SCOTS BOTH TO SCORE Airdrie v Ayr Cowdenbeath v Forfar Berwick v Annan (11-4, bet365) ENG BOTH TO SCORE Colchester v Gillingham Peterboro v Walsall Wimbledon v Notts Co (41-10, McBookie) 1ST SCORER Chris Martin is 11-2 for Derby on Monday LONG SHOTS AWAYS Leicester, Cardiff Falkirk, Hibs Perm any 3 and all 4 (Four 19-1, William Hill) DRAWS Aston Villa v WBA Hull v QPR Peterboro v Walsall Dundee Utd v ICT Perm any 3 and all 4 (Four 136-1, McBookie) BONKERS BET Alloa 0, Hibs 3 (11-1, Paddy Power)
It was the first-ever stakes victory for the 28-year-old Arias, who made a name for himself during the 2005-06 Santa Anita meeting by winning with numerous long shots.
TOP TREBLE Man City -1, Hearts Sevilla v Barca btts (3-1, Coral) HOMES Derby, Wycombe Hearts, Raith, E Fife Perm any 4 and all 5 (Five 21-1, William Hill) SCOTS BOTH TO SCORE Aberdeen v St J'stone Ross County v ICT St Mirren v Alloa (11-2, McBookie) ENG BOTH TO SCORE Norwich v Leicester Bristol City v MK Dons Colchester v Bury (4-1, 10Bet) LONG SHOTS AWAYS West Ham, Stoke Luton, Dundee Utd Perm any 3 and all 4 (Four 51-1, bet365) DRAWS B'mouth v Watford Reading v Middlesbro Norwich v Leicester Colchester v Bury Perm any 3 and all 4 (Four 153-1, McBookie) BONKERS BET Man City 3, Newcastle 0 (8-1, McBookie) SUPERSINGLE WEST HAM have caught my attention all week and I can't refuse them at 7-5 at Sunderland to keep up their 100 per cent away record.
It's another busy weekend and here are my selections - the long shots should be done for low stakes.
To the embarrassment of Lord's, England remain the only major Test-playing nation never to win one - and bookies William Hill rate them 12-1 long shots to end the drought.
TOP TREBLE QPR, Rangers -2, Dunfermline (4-1, Ladbrokes) SCOTS BOTH TO SCORE Dundee Utd v Killie Dunfermline v Ayr C'beath v Peterhead (7-2, Betway) ENG BOTH TO SCORE Carlisle v Dagenham Exeter v Hartlepool Notts Co v Luton (5-1, McBookie) LONG SHOTS HOMES Birmingham, Charlton Walsall, Rangers -1 Dunfermline Perm any 3 and all 4 (Four 18-1, McBookie) AWAYS Orient, Plymouth Morecambe, Morton Perm any 3 and all 4 (Four 49-1, Ladbrokes) DRAWS Norwich v B'mouth West Brom v Soton Partick Th v Dundee St Mirren v Falkirk Perm any 3 and all 4 (Four 130-1, bet365) SUPERSINGLE BURY have been shaking sides up in recent weeks.
TOP TREBLE Belgium -3 AH Germany -2, Norway -1 (11-4, McBookie) HOMES Sheff U, Luton, Bromley Forest Green, Tranmere Perm any 4 and all 5 (Five 29-1, William Hill) BOTH TO SCORE Luton v York Dover v Wrexham St Mirren v Dunfermline (4-1, 888sport) 1ST SCORER De Bruyne is 9-2 at bet365 for Belgium LONG SHOTS AWAYS Colchester, Peterboro Orient, Dunfermline Perm any 3 and all 4 (Four 39-1, bet365) DRAWS Bury v Wigan Fleetwood v Coventry Walsall v Burton Cambridge v Pompey Perm any 3 and all 4 (Four 149-1, bet365) BONKERS BET Gibraltar 0, Scotland 5 (7-1, William Hill)
5 (3-1, Coral) HOMES Man City -1 Derby, Burnley Millwall, Ayr Perm any 4 and all 5 (Five 17-1, William Hill) BOTH TO SCORE Wolfsburg v Bayer Excelsior v Vitesse Newport v N'hampton (7-2, McBookie) LONG SHOTS AWAYS West Ham, Hull Ross Co, Annan Perm any 3 and all 4 (47-1, Betfred) DRAWS Preston v Bolton Reading v Brighton Notts Co v Portsmouth Hamilton v St J'stone Perm any 3 and all 4 (Four 149-1, McBookie) BONKERS BET Man City 5, Norwich 1 (33-1, McBookie) SUPERSINGLE TAKING a chance with on-form Crawley in the early League One game at home to York.
Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo's apparent favorite, Francisco Labastida Ochoa won the ruling party's first-ever primary in early November defeating strong challenger Roberto Madrazo and long shots Manuel Bartlett or Humberto Roque Villanueva.