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all by (one's) lonesome

Completely alone. My roommate left town for the weekend, so I'm here all by my lonesome.
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on (one's) lonesome

Completely alone. Primarily heard in UK. My friends have all gone on holiday and left me here on my lonesome. You can't leave a boy that young on his lonesome! He needs to be supervised all the time!
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all by one's lonesome

Rur. all alone; by oneself. Mary's folks went out and left her all by her lonesome.
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except oneself is inevitably linked to a fearful lonesomeness. Hashem,
"He has decided that 11 years of lonesomeness is enough of the single life for him, and he thinks another pair of feet on his hearth-stone will make things more agreeable."
Alhough there's a world-weary kind of lonesomeness to these songs, there's also a sense of humour that almost belies their jazz-tinged musical style.
Everything that can be done is done, but medicine cannot get at the lonesomeness and the weakness of men who have been strong.
This is certainly not a relation of idealistic, harmonizing (metaphysical) reciprocity, leaving him as it does with a disconcerting sense of incompleteness and lonesomeness. Nature fails to articulate for him any functional identity, a viable 'Me'.
We were not at all favourably impressed with this gentleman's appearance--he looked much like a murderer and to add to the alarming spectacle the lonesomeness of the situation seemed to be getting into his system.
He can only envision himself "hating every minute of it, his days poisoned by lonesomeness and longing" (220).
Willows, again, are traditional symbols of lonesomeness and grief; hence they enhance the effect of the first line.
Wilde's visit was sponsored by the Social Art Club of Omaha: seventy-five of our finer women who took classes in sketching, watercolors, and oils to eradicate their lonesomeness and loss of eastern culture.
Dylan's poetry has caused Hattie Carroll's name, and the sorrow and true lonesomeness of her death, to stick in some people's minds.
The journey is described as a series of acts of aggression or deprivation perpetrated on the universalized "Canadian people" who undergo that experience: they were bludgeoned, over-burdened, and endured the long waterways, the silence, the lonesomeness, and the imprisonment.
Yet she does see a chink of hope in this difficult menage; the struggle with her loverless, childless lonesomeness might now be done with.
and it appeared in almost every anthology of Negro poetry at the time." Nugent had not intended it to be a "race poem" but instead a "soul-searching poem of another kind of lonesomeness, not the lonesomeness of being racially stigmatized, but otherwise stigmatized.
In their shame and avoidance of the painful lonesomeness these provoke, the people of Parkerton have tried but failed to forget them:
The lonesomeness of the drive is total and exhilarating: a haunting landscape of gray-green sagebrush broken here and there by a streak of Martian red, a rumpled mountain range, a demonic cactus.