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on (one's) lonesome

Completely alone. Primarily heard in UK. My friends have all gone on holiday and left me here on my lonesome. You can't leave a boy that young on his lonesome! He needs to be supervised all the time!
See also: lonesome, on

all by (one's) lonesome

Completely alone. My roommate left town for the weekend, so I'm here all by my lonesome.
See also: all, by, lonesome

all by one's lonesome

Rur. all alone; by oneself. Mary's folks went out and left her all by her lonesome.
See also: all, by, lonesome
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Nugent had not intended it to be a "race poem" but instead a "soul-searching poem of another kind of lonesomeness, not the lonesomeness of being racially stigmatized, but otherwise stigmatized.
In their shame and avoidance of the painful lonesomeness these provoke, the people of Parkerton have tried but failed to forget them:
The lonesomeness of the drive is total and exhilarating: a haunting landscape of gray-green sagebrush broken here and there by a streak of Martian red, a rumpled mountain range, a demonic cactus.
You imagine yourself waiting in that parking lot where 'a white bird sat sleeping on a broken pay phone,' or feel the vast lonesomeness of that hand in the empty park 'throwing potato chips into the white snow drifts just in case a bird decides to fly through here tonight'.
Another example of the power issue: both women are willing to be spectacles of the male gaze in an effort to mitigate their overwhelming lonesomeness.
paper-skinned and ropey, but you would suck them, anyway, burning the smile around your mouth with lonesomeness.
Then she'd lie awake in bed asking lonesomeness some questions.
The holiday season can bring out the lonesomeness in everyone.
And the lonesomeness in the sparks make them hunt for one another, but the mud is deaf and dumb.
We craved the strangeness of skiing by night and the lonesomeness of the whole enterprise.
The characters of the drama express the complexity of family love, lonesomeness, and disappointment.
He closed the door, ran out into the night, and onto the moor, that great flat expanse of land where all the people of that village walked in lonesomeness when life and its troubles seemed past bearing.
We see the entire Vietnam experience - days of boredom interspersed with moments of sheer terror, miserable weather, lonesomeness - everything from hand grenades to hemorrhoids.
Look how the evening moon soars overhead, She's like a ship climbing the reddening sky, How beautiful, but then again how strange, She sings the lonesomeness of you and I.
RMP: In the title chapter of When I Was a Child I Wrote Books, you describe lonesomeness as a radical singularity that may be "one's greatest dignity and privilege" (90), and mention your objection to the idea of the solitary Western hero as always male.