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Time and again, they rated study participants in the sleep-deprived state as lonelier and less socially desirable.
The research found 928,000 older people feel lonelier at Christmas time, two-fifths of whom have been widowed.
They found that the lonelier someone is, the longer he or she spends time on Facebook.
Most of the participants reported feeling worse and lonelier when they logged off, the study reported.
All the three groups admitted to feeling worse off and lonelier upon signing out of the social networking service, according to reports.
In this respect, it wouldn't be wrong to suggest that the AKP has grown lonelier in domestic policy in parallel to its growing loneliness in foreign policy.
Alexander Dikovas mother told the New York Daily News that her son may return to his homeland because wife Yingyi Li-Dikovas death Sunday in Flushingas Kissena Park has left him lonelier than ever in New York.
Sioned decides to tell Ed about her condition but she doesn't receive the reaction she was expecting and this makes her feel lonelier and more isolated than ever.
Lonelier participants had higher levels of antibodies against cytomegalovirus than did less lonely participants, and those higher antibody levels were related to more pain, depression and fatigue symptoms.
They also suffer from more illnesses, are lonelier and are much less satisfied with life in general, according to a European survey which looked into the lives of people over the age of 65 in 20 countries.
"What the summit of the leaders of Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro in Ohid showed is that Macedonia has never been lonelier and that the number countries with which it can practice regional cooperation are shrinking.
Summary: The Mail-Order-Bride Trade Is Flourishing; Crying At Work, A Woman's Burden; Is Technology Making Us Lonelier?; Facebook: $1 Billion in Profit This Year?; The Top 10 Royal Wedding Betting Markets.
Sure, you'll be lonelier than ever, but you can always cheer yourself up with some online shopping!
Without them, the challenge would be harder and lonelier.
and you are utterly alone with these sentences lonelier than dialogues,