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lone it

To go somewhere or do something alone; to be by oneself. A: "Do you want to come out with me and my friends to see a movie? B: "No thanks, I'm just going to lone it tonight." No one else wanted to leave the party, so I had to lone it back home.
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lone gunman

A shooter that acts alone. This phrase is perhaps most often associated with Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who assassinated John F. Kennedy. I know you think the murders were perpetrated by a lone gunman, but I just can't believe that no one else helped him to carry out all this violence.
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lone wolf

1. Someone who does not seek or like the company of others. Shannon should have known Brad would break her heart—he's a lone wolf who doesn't like getting close to anybody. A: "Does he have any friends at school?" B: "No, I think he's a lone wolf."
2. A terrorist who acts alone or independently of a larger group when carrying out an attack. The attack was carried out by another lone wolf who had no affiliation with terror groups but was inspired by radical postings online.
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(lone) voice in the wilderness

One who expresses an unpopular opinion or idea. She felt like a voice in the wilderness as she tried to warn others about the impending economic collapse. He was a lone voice in the wilderness as he tried to expose the vast corruption within the organization.
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plough a lone(ly) furrow

To do something in isolation; to act without the help of others. Primarily heard in UK. I tried to offer Jonathan help with the project, but he'd rather plough a lone furrow.
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lone wolf

A person who prefers to do without the company or assistance of others. For example, Her nursery school teacher described Beth as a lone wolf, an assessment her parents found astonishing . This expression alludes to the tendency of some species of wolf to hunt alone rather than in packs. [c. 1900]
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plough a lonely furrow


plough a lone furrow

If someone ploughs a lonely furrow or ploughs a lone furrow, they do something by themselves and in their own way, without any help or support from other people. It seems that Shattock was something of an original thinker, ploughing a lonely furrow. Stein sandwich bar continues to plough a lone furrow as the building's only occupant. Note: This expression is very variable. Their government is more than adept at ploughing its own diplomatic furrow. Note: A furrow is a long narrow trench made in the ground by a plough.
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a voice crying in the wilderness


a lone voice in the wilderness

If you describe someone as a voice crying in the wilderness or a lone voice in the wilderness, you mean that they are telling people about the dangers in an important situation or the truth about it, but nobody is paying any attention. Until recently, Dr Seddon's was a voice crying in the wilderness. But people are starting to listen to what he has to say. For years, he was a lone voice in the wilderness, and a lot of it came across as self-serving. But I'll tell you, the man was right. Note: This is from the Bible, and refers to John the Baptist who preached the coming of the Messiah but was often ignored. (Matthew 3:3)
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a lone wolf

A lone wolf is an independent person who likes doing things on their own, rather than doing them with other people. He was also somewhat of a lone wolf, never marrying. Latham's personal style is that of a political lone wolf.
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lone wolf

a person who prefers to act alone.
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plough a lonely (or your own) furrow

follow a course of action in which you are isolated or in which you can act independently.
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a ˌlone ˈwolf

a person who chooses to work, live, be, etc. alone: In the police force he had the reputation of being something of a lone wolf.
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lone wolf

n. a man who stays to himself. Fred is sort of a lone wolf until he has a few drinks.
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