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lollygag around

To waste time idly or aimlessly (some place); to loiter or loaf around (some place). You've been lollygagging around the house for the whole weekend—go play outside or something! Would you two quit lollygagging around and give me a hand?
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lollygag (around)

to loaf; to loiter. How can I get my work done with you lollygagging around? I spent my vacation just lollygagging.
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He would swim in several smallish circles before casually exiting the water and returning to his lollygagging spot.
Rather than lollygagging along waterways, elk keep moving across the region--which, in turn, means a healthier landscape.
The question remains, how do you overcome your clients' lollygagging and put life insurance in place before they actually need it?
Look, that lunatic gull was lollygagging on the turf when the outfielders were warming up.
Seeing no sign whatever of any fire, and noting the doormen lollygagging beneath their canopies, the captain swaggered over to the crowd, swollen now to more than a hundred people, gathered under the London plane tree on the park side of the street.
In regimented, highly disciplined organizations such as the Army, a leader gives an order, and it's carried out -- no dissension, no complaints, no lollygagging.
Since 10 degrees is probably full-scale deflection on your HSI, any lollygagging will lead to an overshoot.
Moodling is not the same as laziness or lollygagging, she said.
Attack of the cyberslackers: Firms tighten up on on-line lollygagging, but some say it can boost productivity.
This is Noela," Ngobobo wrote recently under a photo of a young gorilla lollygagging in dirt.
The Green Prophet calls: "The lascivious lollygagging lumps of licentiousness, they disgrace the common decencies of life by their lovesick fawning at our public dances.
I'd been lollygagging on the back deck for less than an hour, thinking `Free at last
They watched a soldier, groggy from the firefight, lollygagging up the lane.
No more golden lollygagging for me In that long water along the sides Of the fishing hulks whose fishermen were gone, Their sky blackened.