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lollygag (around)

to loaf; to loiter. How can I get my work done with you lollygagging around? I spent my vacation just lollygagging.
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He would swim in several smallish circles before casually exiting the water and returning to his lollygagging spot.
Attack of the cyberslackers: Firms tighten up on on-line lollygagging, but some say it can boost productivity.
Practice is everything, so you can't come out to practice lollygagging.
This is Noela," Ngobobo wrote recently under a photo of a young gorilla lollygagging in dirt.
I'd been lollygagging on the back deck for less than an hour, thinking `Free at last
No more golden lollygagging for me In that long water along the sides Of the fishing hulks whose fishermen were gone, Their sky blackened.
Splurge on something durable and overpriced in early June when your ruling planet, Venus, and the Sun, are lollygagging in your house of "stuff.
An I knew her nakedness could startle stars, Her yellow hair so silvery some nights, It was a Niagara of miniature suns, Muse: along the French Shore, where we lushly kissed, Stewing in our gushing youth, juicing, And lollygagging on beaches, then slurping wine.
During the next couple of days we also managed to work in a visit to the Girl family warehouse and seemingly endless number of skateshop product swap sessions, all with due lollygagging.
If you walk briskly around the mall when you're shopping rather than lollygagging, that counts.
The ads were called "Adventures in Capitalism" and featured the Wall Street Journal's distinctive nameplate interspersed with lines such as "very few articles on dilly dallying or lollygagging.
It likely had a picket fence, an enormous old apple tree, a lollygagging lilac or buddleja, and a rose--a big old sticker bush with flowers so fragrant that the lightest breeze would carry their scent across the yard, through the open kitchen window, and into the house.
STOP LOLLYGAGGING OVER LEE'S VISA (The Daily Yomiuri as translated from the Japanese-language Yomiuri Shimbun)
Are more women ditching sunbathing and Lollygagging at the beach in favor of skydiving, bungee jumping, and other blood-pumping, adrenaline-rushing, thrill-seeking vacations?
This lollygagging cost Xerxes the war, and Greece went on to build the Athenian Empire.