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lollygag around

To waste time idly or aimlessly (some place); to loiter or loaf around (some place). You've been lollygagging around the house for the whole weekend—go play outside or something! Would you two quit lollygagging around and give me a hand?
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lollygag (around)

to loaf; to loiter. How can I get my work done with you lollygagging around? I spent my vacation just lollygagging.
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We could lollygag this into five years down that road, at which point everybody's lost interest; we've spent billions of dollars; and we still don't have an aircraft protected.
Captain John Kiabo brings the ferry close to shore at Bull's Head Point, where hundreds of barking sea lions lollygag in the sun, some nursing month-old pups.
The Cox siblings, the oldest now 75, are a lively and diverse bunch who have each retained her signature characteristics from childhood: Eldest Scarlette, who once tried to cut a sis's throat, remains the most temperamental; Charlotte is the family stoic ("I don't lollygag over anything"); Cora is "short and sweet"; Ethel's the tomboy.
To those who lollygag on the sidelines in the misplaced hope there is a safe harbor under the shield of an inviolate 21st Amendment, I say, beware.
Lollygag down the Tuolumne River gorge from high country glaciated domes to the current reservoir.
Ferreting out the honeyholes can take a little sleuthing, and successful bridge fishing is an art, not for those who like to lollygag in lawn chairs
My springer could lollygag as well as anyone, but every once in a while he would stand up, stretch and then walk calmly to the edge of the dock and jump in the lake.
Then, you know, lollygag around until it's 3 o'clock.
To get that many bushels you didn't lollygag around.
Children exit a bus and lollygag past simple homes.