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loll about (some place)

to lie, lounge, or droop some place. The tired travelers lolled about all over the hotel lobby until their rooms were ready. They were still lolling about at three in the afternoon.
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loll around

to roll, flop, or hang around. The dog's tongue lolled around as it rolled on its back, trying to keep cool. Stop lolling around and get to work.
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loll back

[for a head] to fall or droop backwards. As he passed out, his head lolled back and struck the corner of the table. Her head lolled back and suddenly she was fast asleep.
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loll out

[for a tongue] to hang or flop out. The dog's tongue lolled out as it lay sleeping. Since the dog's tongue lolled out every time it opened its mouth, it is a wonder it didn't bite it when it closed its mouth.
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Now Nick and Loll are looking to raise funds on Teesside for a new scheme, including the school setting up its own vegetable garden.
2] seed was classified as =LOLL, [is greater than] LOLL to [is less than] HOLL, and =HOLL.
Loll was the General Manager of the Enterprise Marketing Division with Concentric Network (Now XO Communications) where he created and launched multiple internet products.
Loll, of Marston Lane, Bedworth, writes: "We were all about the same age and life was good.
Rukhsana, of Hall Green, Birmingham, knew she wanted something different - which is what she has set out to achieve with her store TOGA + Loll in Drury Lane, Solihull.
Gorgeous, tortured kids loll on the floor staring at gorgeous, tortured actors on the screen.
Now they are clambering on the beds still wearing their footwear and adults without a chair loll across the bed.
Unable to work at even subsistence jobs due to their visa restrictions, the kids fret and loll around Kinnamon's isolated farm, which one notes has only three horses and a donkey to provide distraction.
2 Support their head Be sure to support your baby's head with your hand or in the crook of your arm so that it doesn't loll around.
Recently, Mead began a series of public-bath scenes in which men flex huge biceps and show off big dicks in angry circle-jerks while women parade by in swimsuits and loll together in pools.
His shots are as beautiful as they are enveloping, exemplified by a blessedly hushed moment in which George and Nasia loll in each others arms on the banks of a brown stream.
That state environmental health specialist, James Loll of the medical waste management program, said he went to the landfill twice, but that he could examine only one load, because the other had already been buried.
1 Ballydoyle Maura Trainer: Mark Keightley (for Hayley) I think she'll go close as the draw has worked out, with Jumeirah Lolls in two taking a step to the middle.
ludo, loudly, loud, lolly, lolled, loll, lode, foully, fouled, foul, folly, fold, floe, dolly, doll, doleful, dole, DOLEFULLY Wordsquare: X.
Breezy melodies, chillaxed guitar that lolls like surf on the sand: Columbus'd is the definition of soothing generosity, a welcomemat record that sounds like leaning back into a lawn chair and using the dew on your beer can to cool off.