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loiter around

To waste time being idle; to spend time doing little or nothing. Quit loitering around and help me take out the trash! After the stressful week that I had, I'm looking forward to just loitering around the house for the weekend.
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loiter away

1. To be idle or slothful; to be totally inactive. I don't want you loitering away on this sofa for the whole weekend, young man! After a long week of work, there's nothing I like better than to loiter away for a while with some video games or movies.
2. To pass a certain amount or period of time by being very lazy or idle. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "loiter" and "away." Too many kids just loiter the summer away in front of their computers or televisions. You really need to be working on your college applications, not loitering away your weekends with your friends.
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loiter over (something)

1. To delay in doing or accomplishing something. Time will be extremely tight in this exam, so don't loiter over any questions you can't figure out. Don't loiter over your decision too long, or they might withdraw their generous offer.
2. To spend a lavish or excessive amount of time doing or enjoying something. I love watching her loiter over each cigarette as if it were the last one she'll ever have. With how frantic life is these days, I think it's important to loiter over things we enjoy, such as good food or drinks.
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loiter with intent

1. obsolete In law, to stand or wait idly in a location with the intent to commit an offence. Primarily heard in UK. The police officers arrested the two men, accusing them of loitering with intent to rob tourists coming out of the nearby pubs.
2. By extension, to stand idly in one spot while waiting for something to occur. Primarily heard in UK. We just had to stand there at the kerbside loitering with intent while we waited for him to pick us up.
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loiter around

to idle somewhere; to hang around. Stop loitering around! Get going! The kids were loitering around for most of the summer.
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loiter over something

to dawdle or linger over something. Don't loiter over your meal. I want to start the dishwasher. I wish you wouldn't loiter over your chores.
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loiter something away

to idle away a period of time. Those boys will loiter half their lives away. They loitered away their summer vacation.
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loiter with intent

stand or wait around with the intention of committing an offence. British
This is a legal phrase which derives from an 1891 Act of Parliament; it is also used figuratively and humorously of anyone who is waiting around for some unspecified purpose.
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The air vehicle was required to loiter in the target area at around 100 km radius for six hours and operator-in-the-loop was seen as a necessity.
Other sources credit it with a 21-kW Cuyuna engine, a loiter speed of 145 km/h and an endurance of eight hours.
The ground-launched UAV can fly to a preprogrammed area where it loiters and seeks electromagnetic emissions.
North Wales Police said he loiters around play areas.
They all sleep, no one loiters. If someone goes up, my guard will hit them)," Dela Rosa shared.
Ruto said he only 'loiters' commissioning development projects as directed by his boss, the president.