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"There be three Herrings loitering around, Longing to share that mossy seat: Each Herring tries to sing what she has found That makes Life seem so sweet.
Olayinka added that any male visitor seen loitering around female halls beyond 8:30pm will be taken as a suspect.
Treasury Action: yields steadied above lows into the trade report, which registered a modest narrowing of the trade gap from 10-year wides, while stocks are loitering around unchanged.
In an article titled "Illuminating the South China Sea's Dark Fishing Fleets," Gregory Poling, the director of the Washington-based think tank Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative, discussed the possibility of Chinese maritime militia loitering around Pag-asa Island, one of the largest features in the Spratlys.
There have since been reports of strangers loitering around properties in one area of Swansea, while police believe burglaries may be linked to cold callers checking if houses are empty over Christmas and New Year.
SPO3 Reil Morgado, 46, of Santiago Municipal Police Station, noticed suspicious men loitering around his house in Barangay Jagupit at around 8:30 p.m.
He said: "We are particularly interested in speaking to anyone who was using the shop before the incident occurred who might have seen someone loitering around outside.
Besides the unpredictable drunks loitering around, the residents and schools have to contend with noise from some of the alcohol dens that play loud music to their patrons.With the court having laid out the law on the matter, the ball is now in the court of City Hall and its enforcement section to ensure the directive is complied with and city residents whose taxes sustain it, enjoy their peace and tranquillity in a safe environment.
"CCTV can then be used to pinpoint the people who are loitering around the station.
Students have been warned that loitering around the city before, during or after school was against the law.
Now comes the campaign of the government of President Duterte to spruce up the image of the country-no more istambay, no half-naked men loitering around, no idlers occupying the street corners and so on.
"If you are loitering around, that's when crimes start," he simply said when asked about scenarios when one could be accosted by cops.
Opposition leader Raila Odinga on Sunday dared politicians "loitering around the country dishing out cash" to subject themselves for a lifestyle audit.
At 3pm on October 25, 1938, a stonemason named Albert Shaw noticed three young males loitering around the back of an empty house in Jervis Street (which was situated off Russell Street).
Hubby hates reality TV, especially dating shows but even he's been loitering around the TV room when it's on, I think he's caught the bug.