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loiter around

to idle somewhere; to hang around. Stop loitering around! Get going! The kids were loitering around for most of the summer.
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loiter over something

to dawdle or linger over something. Don't loiter over your meal. I want to start the dishwasher. I wish you wouldn't loiter over your chores.
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loiter something away

to idle away a period of time. Those boys will loiter half their lives away. They loitered away their summer vacation.
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loiter with intent

stand or wait around with the intention of committing an offence. British
This is a legal phrase which derives from an 1891 Act of Parliament; it is also used figuratively and humorously of anyone who is waiting around for some unspecified purpose.
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They have opposed giving law enforcement officials the power to move loiterers along for fear of vesting the police with too much discretionary power.
Certainly, in later years, James would speak slightingly of The Loiterer to his son, as if it had been a mere sideshow in his path through life.
The Loiterer, edited by James Austen, who stayed as a Fellow at St.
Several of the stereotypes sketched in the pages of The Loiterer (1789-90) are deftly incorporated in work by Jane Austen dating from the nineties, and her treatment of them is invariably in line with James's analysis.
Players went daft on a slippy, moving surface that put the skids under the venturesome, and a snow-spray in the eye of the loiterer.
An essay in The Loiterer, the periodical published by her brothers James and Henry when Jane was a girl, is titled, "The Science of Physiognomy Not to Be Depended on.
Its southerly vantage point lies beyond the City of London's boundaries and jurisdictions; the pleasure it is able to take in the incidental figures of the foreground--in a leaping dog or a loiterer in a doorway--is offset by its disregard for any kind of human activity across the river.
Not wanting to be strictly a loiterer as I chatted with Collins and other customers, I picked up a box each of chocolate Zingers and chocolate creme-filled Twinkles (the traditional Twinkles with the white filling were long gone) and counted more than 30 ingredients in both those snacks, with at least half the ingredients unpronounceable.
The reader, the thinker, the loiterer, the flaneur" observes Benjamin, "are types of illuminati just as much as the opium eater, the dreamer, the ecstatic.
Previously, Jecko had been the loiterer, the hanger-on in the crowd, forever at someone's elbow and never in receipt of any favour, while Benja was the very opposite.
In a popular weekly periodical called The Loiterer, James Austen (Jane's elder brother) described his daily life as a student at Oxford.
Then neglected, Till at last the loiterer by the gate will wonder At the old, old cottage, the old wooden cottage, And say, 'One might build here, the view is glorious' This must have been a pretty garden once.
If England are to face a Savage confrontation then Wales must do it without Birmingham's loiterer with intent Robbie.
Adopting a voice that more closely resembles that of the fin de siecle flaneur, the relaxed loiterer in sidewalk cafes and gaslit streets, than that of the social reformer and temperance advocate prevalent among Canadian women writers of the turn of the century, L.
To be sure, the plurality raised additional concerns about the sufficiency of notice because the ordinance did not specify how far and for how long loiterers must disperse, but the plurality acknowledged that "[l]ack of clarity in the description of a loiterer's duty to obey a dispersal order might not render the ordinance unconstitutionally vague if the definition of the forbidden conduct were clear.