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As thinking progressed about hardwood log grading, Benson and Wollin (1938) developed a working plan for a new system of grading hardwood logs, arguing that log grades should not be determined in advance of mill studies.
Grading of Northern Hardwood Logs (Benson and Wollin 1941) became the first attempt by the USDAFS to develop a standardized system for grading hardwood logs, based on the resulting lumber grade yields.
If sawn into lumber, the logs fetch higher prices of up to P200 per board foot.
The Yule Log first debuted on Christmas Eve on ( WPIX in New York City in 1966.
The Logging Service provides a centralised and scalable logging infrastructure without operational overhead, allowing customers to collect log data without local compute and storage limitations.
The most reasonable option for many organizations is to generate logs on systems under their control in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environment.
When Russia joined the WTO in 2012, it was forced to take steps to reduce trade restrictions on export logs. This resulted in a lowering of the tariffs on softwood logs to between 13-15%.
Dragging logs on the ground was slow, took a lot of power, and tore up the trails.
Logging and log management; the authoritative guide to understanding the concepts surrounding logging and log management.
Aldrich's "The Real Log Cabin" in a used bookstore, thus inspiring her interest in this form of folk architecture.
And since they're so cheap, Olson is able to build a cabin for about $30,000 less than with normal logs. These prices give Olson's business the edge it needs to stay competitive in today's slow housing climate.
Every SQL Server database consists of at least one data file and one transaction log. While data file contains actual data, transaction log contains changes that need to be propagated to data files.
There has been a slow but steady growth in the number of people who are using their logs to derive value from their log data.
The Log Cabin quilt is as distinctive in design as it is in versatility.
Is log management finally on the radar of IT decision makers?