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chop logic

To argue in a tedious or pedantic way. I can't stand the way he chops logic! You can't have a conversation without him turning it into some tiresome fight!
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fly in the face of (something)

To be or act in clear conflict with or opposition to something else. I can't believe you said something so awful. It flies in the face of everything we stand for! They want to change the entire direction of the project, completely flying in the face of all the hard work we've done so far. Her controversial new theory flies in the face of everything we know about quantum mechanics.
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chop logic

argue in a tiresomely pedantic way; quibble.
Chop is here used in the 16th-century sense meaning ‘bandy words’. This sense is now obsolete, and the sense of chop used in this phrase was later wrongly understood as ‘cut something into small pieces’.
See also: chop, logic
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