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Successful logins can indicate that not only did the guessing work for access, but also who's logged on, where, and when.
Dividing federal forests between those to be logged and those to be preserved hasn't resolved today's forest resource shortages.
Over the past decade Jerry and Sam have logged through some 600 acres of ponderosa pine, Douglas-fir, tamarack, and grand-fir.
The forestry groups acknowledge that old growth - because so much of it has been logged, and because most of the rest is protected - is really not that important an issue for them.
The overall objective of this study was to determine how non-volant small mammal assemblages are affected by rainforest logging in the rainforest in Borneo: Do species diversity and assemblage variability of small mammals differ in undisturbed and logged rainforests?
According to Jack Phelps, AFA's executive director, this is the truth they don't hear down south: "A small amount of the Tongass is logged each year in carefully spaced patch-sized clearcuts, which do not harm fish or wildlife.
This research documents increased runoff and erosion from heavily roaded and logged areas and supports the observation that high levels of upstream logging clearly encourages downstream flooding.
Forest Service, which manages the Tongass, has allowed billions of board feet of old-growth to be logged. The ancient trees have been shipped raw or as lumber to the Far East, or turned into dissolving pulp (for rayon and cellophane) at the mills in Ketchikan and Sitka.
* A logger moves the Forest Service's boundary ribbons and paper signs to expand a sale boundary to include trees that were not supposed to be logged.
The timber cops already have logged an all-time-high conviction rate of 90 percent of their cases--a clarion statement to those who would defraud.
This Columbia Helicopters operation, which eventually logged 1.8 million board-feet of pine for Fibreboard, required virtually no road building (with its associated erosion), and produced no discernible impact on the land, while removing explosively flammable trees in a seriously overfueled forest.