log for

log (one) for (something)

dated To make a record of one's bad or immoral actions or behavior. The captain logged the crewmate for falling asleep at the tiller. The producer said he would be logging me for using the equipment out of office hours.
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log someone for something

1. to schedule someone for something. I am going to log you for sentry duty on the weekends. We will have to log Bill for service as a parking attendant.
2. to make a note in a log about someone's bad behavior. The captain logged the first mate for the navigation error. I will have to log you for that.
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Our main theme is to establish DT log for the shaly reservoir.
The trend ofthe calculated DT log is the same to that oforiginal DT log for the same depth range.
Backing up the ATV or tractor lowers the log for easy disconnecting.
One log for SP1 was excluded from the samples for sawing yields because it could not be graded correctly owing to a serious defect of the main product.
Because the pattern of annual rings and the shape of the tree trunk provide unique information similar to fingerprints, the officer took a cutting from the end of each log for possible comparisons in any future thefts.
Hey, Rangers--Want to check out a rotting log for yourself?
I drew the cabin up on paper, measured the average thickness of the logs (which was about 10 inches) and left a one-inch gap between each log for chinking to achieve the "wide chinked" look.
The logs were marked with different colors so the corresponding log for every board could be easily detected.
The stop gate section is positioned between the conveyor and the sawing section to set the log for proper timing into the cutting station and to align the butts when a plurality of logs is cut at the same time.