lodge in

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lodge (something) in(to) (something)

To wedge or jam something forcefully in(to something else). She lodged the bag of money in the air vents, intending to collect it later. He lodged a crowbar into the wheel to keep it from turning.
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lodge in

1. To become wedged, jammed, or stuck into some tight space. I thought the car would fit, but it ended up lodging in the narrow alleyway. The fabric got caught on the machinery and lodged in.
2. To jam or lodge someone or something into some tight space. A noun or pronoun can be used between "lodge" and "in"; often used in passive constructions. The table kept wobbling, so I lodged in a napkin under one of the legs. I was lodged in my seat for the entire performance. She lodged her hand in the opening to stop the leak.
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lodge something in something

to get something stuck in something or some place. She lodged her coat in the door and tore it. He lodged a screwdriver in the machine's gears by accident.
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