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lodge someone with someone

to have someone stay with someone as a guest. We lodged the visitor with George for the weekend. Would it be possible for us to lodge Mary with you?
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lodge something against someone

to place a charge against someone. The neighbors lodged a complaint against us for walking on their grass. I want to lodge an assault charge against Randy.
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lodge something against something

to place or prop something against something. We lodged the chest against the door, making it difficult or impossible to open. Let's lodge the stone against the side of the barn to help support it.
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lodge something in something

to get something stuck in something or some place. She lodged her coat in the door and tore it. He lodged a screwdriver in the machine's gears by accident.
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lodge with someone

to stay or reside with someone. I lodged with my cousin while I was in Omaha. Tricia plans to lodge with us while she is here.
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The taxpayer further argued that even if a motor home is used predominantly for lodging, it qualifies for an exception, because the lodging is used predominantly by transients (i.
19 and again after April 1, that include a night's lodging and an adult lift ticket starting at $59.
Monarch Mountain Lodge in Garfield offers a night's double-occupancy lodging and a one-day lift ticket for $59 per person.
Winston was also instrumental in arranging for the hosting of the AH&LA Educational Institute's Lodging Management Summer Institute this year in California at San Diego State University, furthering the education of lodging management instructors through this program that includes certification as a Certified Hospitality Instructor (CHI) for participants.
An American Express package offers four nights' lodging with a three-day lift ticket.
With White Lodging, we have a strong partner in marketing Austin, and we applaud their continued confidence in the future of downtown.
Reservations for both lodging and dining may be made at (800) 237-6879 or (760) 934-2442.
Lodging Hospitality is the leading feature publication serving the U.
10 /PRNewswire/ -- Country Lodging By Carlson, a leading national company in the limited-service segment of the lodging industry, has announced that it is expanding into Chattanooga with the 81-all-suite Country Suites By Carlson Chattanooga.
NYSE: PAH), together accounted for 67 percent of the total market capitalization of all lodging REITs at the end of the first quarter.
As Area Vice President of Hilton Hotels Corporation, with oversight responsibilities for Hilton-managed Doubletree and Hilton properties in Central and Northern California, Tim was honored for his devotion of time and talent in strengthening the lodging industry.
To our knowledge, the Service has not granted retroactive relief under section 7805(b) of the Code--either publicly or privately--to any taxpayer seeking to exclude the value of lodging from gross income pursuant to section 119 of the Code.
The boon for visitors is that these stately lodging properties are usually surrounded by natural areas both serene and pristine.
Breaking with recent lodging industry history, only one of America's five hotel segments will experience growth in revenue per available room (RevPAR) greater than the rate of inflation in 1999, according to the Lodging Research Network (www.