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lodge someone with someone

to have someone stay with someone as a guest. We lodged the visitor with George for the weekend. Would it be possible for us to lodge Mary with you?
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lodge something against someone

to place a charge against someone. The neighbors lodged a complaint against us for walking on their grass. I want to lodge an assault charge against Randy.
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lodge something against something

to place or prop something against something. We lodged the chest against the door, making it difficult or impossible to open. Let's lodge the stone against the side of the barn to help support it.
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lodge something in something

to get something stuck in something or some place. She lodged her coat in the door and tore it. He lodged a screwdriver in the machine's gears by accident.
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lodge with someone

to stay or reside with someone. I lodged with my cousin while I was in Omaha. Tricia plans to lodge with us while she is here.
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50(b)(2) identifies property used predominantly for lodging, but excludes property used by a hotel or motel when the predominant portion of the accommodations is used by transients.
lodging industry room inventory at the end of the first quarter, according to www.
Tim was also named Outstanding General Manager of the Year in 2003 by CH&LA's national affiliate, the American Hotel & Lodging Association, specifically for his participatory leadership style of more than 400 employees that resulted in low staff turnover rates, increased guest loyalty scores, and higher profitability levels.
5 percent, according to the Lodging Research Network.
The lodging is furnished on the employer's business premises; 2.
Oxford Lodging continues to target Chicago because the city has done such a tremendous job of attracting business, group and leisure travelers," said Robert D.
Affiliated with both the National Restaurant Association and the American Hotel & Lodging Association, issues of importance to NCRLA include: occupancy taxes and their distribution; meal taxes; smoking bans; tourism promotion; immigration reform; Alcoholic Beverage Commission taxes and fees; health department rules and regulations; labor issues; and health insurance reform.
Lodging space and campsites remained at a premium, but visitation didn't seem to be the least bit discouraged.
CLEVELAND -- Penton Media's (OTCBB:PTON) Lodging Hospitality today announces the launch of LHTV, an online, streaming video offering that is the first of its kind in the lodging industry.
The Tamarack offers package deals that include lodging, breakfast, equipment rental, trail pass and group ski lesson.
White Lodging is extremely excited about developing Austin's largest hotel project to date, and it illustrates our ongoing commitment to the city and our intent to be here well into the future," said Deno Yiankes, White Lodging Services President and COO, Development and Asset Management.
It includes round-trip air from Los Angeles to Boise, a rental car or shuttle transfer, lodging and two-day lift tickets.
DENVER -- Carl Winston, Director of the Hospitality & Tourism Management Program at San Diego State University was awarded a Most Valuable Volunteer Award by the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA) during the AH&LA Stars of the Industry Breakfast held this morning at The Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, Colorado.
When evaluating ski and snowboarding packages, our aim was to keep lift and lodging expenses to about $70 per day.
Northstar-at-Tahoe at Lake Tahoe offers a night's double-occupancy lodging starting at $74.