lodge against

lodge (something) against

1. To formally make a charge or accusation against someone or something. If you have an issue with something we're doing, the best course of action is to lodge a complaint against it with the HR department right away. The company has so far not lodged charges against the former executive, although a spokesperson said they are still considering that as an option.
2. To wedge or prop something forcefully against something else. Be sure to lodge a large stone or block of wood against each tire so that the car doesn't roll while you're working on it. She lodged a chair against the door so the intruder couldn't open it.
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lodge something against someone

to place a charge against someone. The neighbors lodged a complaint against us for walking on their grass. I want to lodge an assault charge against Randy.
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lodge something against something

to place or prop something against something. We lodged the chest against the door, making it difficult or impossible to open. Let's lodge the stone against the side of the barn to help support it.
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The FIR has been lodge against Shukla by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Surya Prakash Tiwari.