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lodge someone with someone

to have someone stay with someone as a guest. We lodged the visitor with George for the weekend. Would it be possible for us to lodge Mary with you?
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lodge something against someone

to place a charge against someone. The neighbors lodged a complaint against us for walking on their grass. I want to lodge an assault charge against Randy.
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lodge something against something

to place or prop something against something. We lodged the chest against the door, making it difficult or impossible to open. Let's lodge the stone against the side of the barn to help support it.
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lodge something in something

to get something stuck in something or some place. She lodged her coat in the door and tore it. He lodged a screwdriver in the machine's gears by accident.
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lodge with someone

to stay or reside with someone. I lodged with my cousin while I was in Omaha. Tricia plans to lodge with us while she is here.
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References in classic literature ?
When the snow falls, and covers the lodges of the Long-knives, can the stranger see flakes in the air?
Shaking hands with his brother, and touching his greasy hat to the company in the Lodge, Frederick slowly shuffled out of the door which Mr Chivery unlocked for him.
Such was the homily with which he improved and pointed the occasion to the company in the Lodge before turning into the sallow yard again, and going with his own poor shabby dignity past the Collegian in the dressing-gown who had no coat, and past the Collegian in the sea-side slippers who had no shoes, and past the stout greengrocer Collegian in the corduroy knee-breeches who had no cares, and past the lean clerk Collegian in buttonless black who had no hopes, up his own poor shabby staircase to his own poor shabby room.
Little recked the Collegians who were laughing in their rooms over his late address in the Lodge, what a serious picture they had in their obscure gallery of the Marshalsea that Sunday night.
Each year, we award our general managers and associates for the hard work they do to provide outstanding service to our Navy Lodge guests," said Michael Bockelman, Vice President, Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM)'s Navy Lodge Program.
The cabins around the lakes -- Woods Lodge, Crystal Crag Lodge -- are shuttered and blanketed with snow.
The lodge, which used to be owned by an American trucking company, has belonged to the East family since May 5, 1962.
So in 1981 he opened his emerging complex of buildings--each constructed from hand-milled local spruce lumber and driftwood--to visitors as the Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge.
Whether you favor grouse hunting in thick cover, duck hunting in the swamps of the Bayou or chukar hunting out West, chances are there's a lodge and hunting operation for you.
In the summer of 1780 when Butler's Rangers returned to Fort Niagara, they found a new lodge in operation, St.
Organized medicine, for instance, mustered furious opposition to the system of "lodge medicine," whereby lodges hired physicians on a capitation basis.
5] By the time he invited John Marrant to give the 1789 Sermon to the African Lodge, Hall had spent fourteen years wending his way through the fraternal networks and dusty bookshelves of New England Freemasonry.
Under the jurisdiction of the Modern London Grand Lodge, colonial Freemasonry flourished.
Lodge began making the cast iron skillets, dutch ovens and griddles that would remain the firm's trademark for a century.
The first of the heavy rains began on June 29, and we again had water in the basement of Clanton Lodge.