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in lockstep (with someone or something)

Moving or acting simultaneously with, in conjunction with, or in the same manner as someone or something. Primarily heard in US. For the past two years, the senator and immigration reform activists have been in lockstep. The data clearly shows that rates of unemployment and depression rise in lockstep.
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in lockstep

If two people or things move in lockstep, they are very closely linked and dependent on one another, so that if one changes, the other changes too. Levels of carbon dioxide and methane in the air fell in lockstep with decreases in summer sunshine. Note: Lockstep is a way of marching in which the marchers follow as close behind each other as possible.
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He tweeted that it was "remarkable that income tax devolution without lockstep is happening.
Shadow Welsh secretary Owen Smith said: "Just as Mr Crabb used to denounce devolution, he has now changed his mind let's be clear the Government has performed a hand-brake U-turn on this issue of the lockstep.
The rise affects directly the interest rate on floating rate loans, which move in lockstep to the Fed rate.
Never has an administration like the one in power today--so disciplined in secrecy, so precisely in lockstep in keeping information from the people at large and--in defiance of the Constitution--from their representatives in Congress.
On the issue of teacher contracts, he outlined what he terms the "three pillars of mediocrity": lockstep pay, seniority and tenure.
Elite graduates once moved lockstep into the prefectural civil service or Hokkaido Takushoku Bank (Takugin), formerly one of the country's leading banks.
The real danger of the lockstep conservatism of the Bush nominees is that they'll rub out counterarguments from the left by wearing down the remaining Democratic minority.
This would be a major improvement over the other form of differentiated curriculum (rigorous content for the college-bound, nonacademic content for the rest) that A Nation at Risk warned against, while also respecting the fact that not all students can handle the same lockstep schedule of rigorous courses.
5 is available from authorized resellers and distributors and directly from Lockstep.
The Endurance VLDSS-55 provides 24/7 continuous uptime by running two redundant systems in lockstep, separated up to 55 kilometers.
In a segment aired a week ago Sunday, Brooks, the creative Jewish genius who wrote "The Producers," told CBS' "60 Minutes" that he feels the only way to truly bring down Adolf Hitler and all Nazi-lovers is to make fun of them -- their lockstep behavior and their lockstep thinking and their lockstep accents.
According to Stewart and Chen, the most notable indicators of controlling government were an obvious police presence and a large video in Shanghai's People's Square showing soldiers marching in lockstep, which played as Chinese citizens went about their shopping sprees.
He cannot "imagine a methodology less appropriate to an epic so morally daring and exuberant as Paradise Lost than reader-response theory joined in lockstep with a quasi-determinist, catechetical didacticism" (21).
Michael in the Pacific Northwest, characterised by "a peculiar blend of Catholic survivalism, paranoia, and lockstep dogmatism," and Quebec's Apostles of Infinite Love, headed by the self-styled Pope Gregory XVII.