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Elijah Johnson and other nearby houses that had similar sanitation problems were locked up by the commissioner.
When he realised he had been locked inside, the welder called the police, according to records, and asked them to come and help him.
"If I had access to Locked In when I was growing up, it would have given me an advantage I didn't have," said Demaryius Thomas, Super Bowl bound and Pro Bowl WR for the Denver Broncos.
Only the user who locked the resource can unlock it.
I visited the park with my dog on a recent Sunday and we were just approaching the gates at Richmond Road at 5.15pm when the officers drove past us, having just locked the gate.
The latch can be operated from either side except when the outside knob is locked. A deadbolt is also used and operates by a turn of the inside knob.
McLoud determined the parts in their integral locks had shifted under the heavy recoil and locked up.
After the center ram is locked in position, an accumulator-assisted, doughnut-shaped, central "pancake" hydraulic cylinder surrounding the ballscrew pulls on the tiebars to create clamping force.
Sliding sashes are normally secured by locking them together, whereas casements, which open like doors, should be fastened to the outer window frame or locked by making the catches and stays immovable.
When the wanderer pushes on the door handle, the door appears to be locked, so the person will often walk away.
And don't forget to keep your garage door securely locked, especially if you have an attached garage.
Used for years, the manual deadbolt is locked by someone physically turning a switch or pushing a button on the door.
Allocations and deallocations that find the cache empty or full, respectively, must use a more conservatively locked global allocator.
Do the courts give locked containers greater constitutional protection than unlocked containers when determining the scope of searches incident to arrest?
When locked, the beam was prevented from moving by pegs or pins in the staple, which fell into matching holes bored into the top of the bolt.