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I saw it was just a mile and a half to the next lock - Wallingford - and five on from there to Cleeve.
We'll be through the next lock before seven, and then there is only one more;" and I settled down and pulled steadily away.
We passed the bridge, and soon after that I asked if she saw the lock.
You - you are sure you know a lock, when you do see one?
Even to the last, one wretched sylph struggling to save the lock clung to it.
But in spite of this valiant champion of fair ladies in distress, the Baron would not return the lock.
Thus, says the poet, Belinda has no longer need to mourn her lost lock, for it will be famous to the end of time as a bright star among the stars--
But his translations of Homer and the Rape of the Lock are those you will like best in the meantime.
You might be took with your deadness again, half a mile off--or half of half a quarter, for the matter of that--and then it would be asked, Why did that there honest Deputy Lock, let her go, instead of putting her safe with the Parish?
The Deputy Lock opened the letter with a grave face, which underwent no change as he eyed its contents.
Ten minutes after, he saw her leave the room again, and lock it twice.
Boxtel, who saw all this whilst hiding himself on the landing-place of the staircase above, descended step by step from his story as Rosa descended from hers; so that, when she touched with her light foot the lowest step of the staircase, Boxtel touched with a still lighter hand the lock of Rosa's chamber.
I heard him open his door, and bang it to, and lock it.
At the first stroke--without touching the lock of his door, without setting foot in his room--I had the towel over his face.
Rouletabille went back to the door and carefully examined the lock and the bolt, satisfying himself that the door had certainly been burst open from the outside, and, further, that the key had been found in the lock on the inside of the chamber.