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all politics is local

Because voters are strongly influenced by the political decisions that impact their everyday lives, politicians must make them a priority, in order to stay in office. A: "I'm shocked by how many times the candidates have come to our little town." B: "Well, they know who votes for them, and all politics is local, after all."
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local yokel

a local resident of a rural place. (Mildly derogatory.) One of the local yokels helped me change the tire. The local yokels all listen to the same radio station.
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local yokel

A native or inhabitant of a particular locale, as in She's only gone out with local yokels, so she's not used to more sophisticated men. This disparaging rhyming term was first used by troops stationed away from home. [Slang; mid-1900s]
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local yokel

(ˈloklæ ˈjoklæ)
n. a local resident of a rural place. (Mildly derogatory.) One of the local yokels helped me change the tire.
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But with ad spending down, stations have been forced to dilute their localness and, in turn, we are not getting the same value for our money.
Yet occasionally, Smiley puts thoughts into Joe's head that seem much more likely to be hers than his: "I sat back in my chair and gazed out the window, thinking how maybe I was the only person in the whole world who could appreciate these two things coming together--the nationwide quality of Marcus Burns's ideas and the sheer localness of Plymouth Township.
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Davenport and Prusak discuss three factors that can explain inefficiencies in what they call "knowledge markets" for sharing knowledge: incompleteness of information, asymmetry of knowledge, and localness of knowledge (p.
Thus, the localness of local economic development emerged from necessity of allocating spatial resources to this new economic form.
There are certain national stories that transcend localness and rivalry and this was one of them.
It might connote adaptiveness to changes in the environment, adjustment to a new situation, agility in action, amiability in relationships, autonomy in functioning, balancing competing opposites, broadening of mind, compromise for betterment, contingency in planning, customizing solutions, elasticity under tension, freedom of thought and expression, informal attitude, liberalization from controls, localness in organization, openness in thinking, resilience in implementation, responsiveness to customers' requirements, variability in parameters and specifications, and versatility in solutions and operations.
There is a consensus that community foundations need to have a national marketing platform with common messages that still emphasize their individuality and localness," said Rob Collier, the Michigan council's president.
She suggests that we do this through a collaborative 'collective, dialectical process of building theory through struggles for change' which 'would be as critical of applied and development anthropology' which, she says, rarely does justice to multiplicities and multilevelled localness, as it would be of postmodern ethnography (1994:545).
And because of that quality, that adaptability, and in particular because of our localness, we can leverage it into success on-line.
An indefinable quality of localness pervades the scene.
They're trying to expand out of their home regions - to leverage their localness into globalness.
20) The "local" importance of checking and savings services is reinforced by the high degree of localness exhibited by transaction and cash management services, both of which are closely related to deposit account activity.
The local language helped the audience, when the plays were performed, to identify with the experience, and the identification was unconscious, as it ideally should be; the audience was unaware of the localness as such of the language.