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all politics is local

Because voters are strongly influenced by the political decisions that impact their everyday lives, politicians must make them a priority, in order to stay in office. A: "I'm shocked by how many times the candidates have come to our little town." B: "Well, they know who votes for them, and all politics is local, after all."
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local yokel

a local resident of a rural place. (Mildly derogatory.) One of the local yokels helped me change the tire. The local yokels all listen to the same radio station.
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local yokel

A native or inhabitant of a particular locale, as in She's only gone out with local yokels, so she's not used to more sophisticated men. This disparaging rhyming term was first used by troops stationed away from home. [Slang; mid-1900s]
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local yokel

(ˈloklæ ˈjoklæ)
n. a local resident of a rural place. (Mildly derogatory.) One of the local yokels helped me change the tire.
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The cocktail Maharlika Mojito uses two Locally juices, Calamansi'z The Day and You've Dalandan It Again mixed with lychee and mint.
We remind that a locally convex space E is called barrelled, if every barrel in E (viz.
Visitors can be tempted by homemade pork pies from The Porkery, savoury and sweet tarts from David Cordon as well as a hog roast and locally made sausages from GigPig.
delta]]-[alpha]- locally open set such that A(x) > 0 and B is an [[tau].
Second, be ready for consumers' interest in locally produced products to wane.
Monadnock Buy Local is a network of locally owned and independent businesses working together to build a stronger local economy and community.
Bank of America Corporation (NYSE: BAC) has also expressed an intent to incorporate a unit locally, the report said without naming its sources.
attract people because they have a strong core of interesting and different, locally owned businesses.
The California Sheep Commission based here is launching a Retailer Trendsetter Award to capitalize on Californians' mounting interest in locally grown food products.
74% of vegetables used by hotels are produced locally, while 67% of dairy products and 63% of meats are sourced locally.
Locally sourced products are becoming more important to the majority of The Grocer Top 50 independents.
Sadly blasphemous content to be "pushed back" will, more often than not, require a "Think Locally, Act Locally," focus, but many times not just that.
Sales tax revenue -- the city receives 1 percent of the money generated locally -- accounts for 38 percent of the city's general-fund revenue.
Good quality ingredients can be found locally, and your thoughtfulness and a bit of time will allow your loved ones to take care of themselves at home with natural body care products that you create.
The basic defense ten or so years ago was locally attached tape drives and native backup and recovery tools.