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Visitors to Locals Online Web sites can take national political action such as sending fax letters to members of Congress without leaving their local site.
Finally, as local residents stepped out the front door of the courthouse, they faced north and noticed little more than a dirt road called Jefferson Street and a brick jail across the way.
Thus, while each steering committee will be slightly different in its particular composition, a steering committee might consist of, among others, one or more of the following types of creditor institutions: commercial banks (both local and foreign), bondholders, sovereign export credit agencies, international financial institutions, and host government financial institutions and agencies.
A 1990 study published by the Columbia Journalism Review found that 18 of the 32 stories analyzed on local newscasts were inaccurate or misleading, and the station usually made no attempt to correct the mistakes.
The general fund accounts of state and local governments may include revenues that are not counted in the NIPA but that could buoy, or mask, an otherwise tenuous budgetary picture.
BellSouth/AT&T has new products and they should bring those to consumers through a front door that is already wide open to them through local franchise applications and contracts.
Launched in 1999 as the world's first mobile Yellow Page Directory, go2 has expanded its local content and is now the most widely used mobile, local search and content network in the U.
If neighborhood associations increasingly adopt the political role of public municipalities, it might be possible to achieve a revolution in the role of American local government without drastically changing the U.
But as we headed up the long driveway, past the goat herds and the dry riverbed, past crumbling houses and donkey carts, it felt odd that I was staying at a place that cost several hundred dollars a night--a fortune to the locals.
All buildings in the City of New York which are greater than 6 stories in height must have a 6th Cycle Local Law 11 Report filed.
This impetus, basically arising to meet a local need, gained momentum when such inter-governmental action was written into state laws.
They need to be informed of the efforts to begin this new local society.
Stepp's Orchard is working to rebuild a local food system by reconnecting people with the farms and orchards that grow local food.
More states are permitting local governments to offer property tax incentives as an inducement to businesses to restore historic properties or move to or expand within their boundaries.
We are well informed about how they lived - their politics, local organizations and family structure - but less so about how they thought, about issues of bourgeois subjectivity and identity.