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all politics is local

Because voters are strongly influenced by the political decisions that impact their everyday lives, politicians must make them a priority, in order to stay in office. A: "I'm shocked by how many times the candidates have come to our little town." B: "Well, they know who votes for them, and all politics is local, after all."
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local yokel

a local resident of a rural place. (Mildly derogatory.) One of the local yokels helped me change the tire. The local yokels all listen to the same radio station.
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local yokel

A native or inhabitant of a particular locale, as in She's only gone out with local yokels, so she's not used to more sophisticated men. This disparaging rhyming term was first used by troops stationed away from home. [Slang; mid-1900s]
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local yokel

(ˈloklæ ˈjoklæ)
n. a local resident of a rural place. (Mildly derogatory.) One of the local yokels helped me change the tire.
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You take quite an interest in local affairs, I see.
No local job has ever been too much for White Mason.
A 1990 study published by the Columbia Journalism Review found that 18 of the 32 stories analyzed on local newscasts were inaccurate or misleading, and the station usually made no attempt to correct the mistakes.
There will be no need for confidentiality, so all of the state and local government officials from the various locations will know, up front, that each site has competition from other cities and counties for the potential new jobs and capital investment that the proposed expansion promises.
Because we could distribute Web content through Locals Online, within just a few days after the tragedy dozens of SEIU local union Web sites in communities throughout the U.
Control of civic space then could become a means of concentrating political power in the hands of a local elite, and nor necessarily a way of spreading it widely among ordinary citizens.
Foreign creditors have sometimes been frustrated by the local courts and local insolvency law systems that, among other things, may bear limited resemblance to Western systems.
Significantly, go2 only provides local search and content, while the other mobile search companies provide other types of mobile search and information, including games, ringtones, general web search, news, sports, etc.
It's far from obvious just what shape such an order might take, but it is likely to mark a return to the local independence that characterized the West before the rise of the modern nation-state.
As more and more people traverse the globe, plopping down in "exotic" countries with little knowledge of local culture or politics, it's no wonder that the term responsible tourism is gaining credence.
The apple story is very similar to the story of agriculture from throughout the region--our local food system is being destroyed and we are losing local farms at an alarming rate.
The national income and product accounts (NIPA), published by the Commerce Department, provide a comprehensive summary of the receipts and expenditures of all state and local governments arid their enterprises.
Stripping power from local governments by creating a shortcut for new franchise approvals at the state level is unfair.
Our customers want food from local farms," affirms Lamar Stribling, produce department coordinator for the Hendersonville Community Co-op.
Drawing on the work of Benedict Anderson, Eric Hobsbawm, Pierre Nora and Amos Funkenstein, Confino explores "the ways people turn national"(xii), focusing on how Germans "internalized the nation-state by transforming it into a local experience"(50).