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lobby against (someone or something)

To try to influence someone, especially an elected official or group of elected officials, against someone or something. A number of high-profile corporations have been lobbying against the supreme court nominee. We've been lobbying against legislation aimed at tightening voter access for the last half a century.
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lobby for (someone or something)

To try to influence someone, especially an elected official or group of elected officials, on behalf or in favor of someone or something. A number of high-profile corporations have been lobbying for a supreme court judge with a proven track record of pro-business decisions. We will continue to lobby for common-sense drug enforcement policies as long as people are still being imprisoned for unreasonable lengths of time for such minor infractions.
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lobby against something

to solicit support against something, such as a piece of legislation or a government regulation. We sent a lot of lawyers to the state capital to lobby against the bill, but it passed anyway. They lobbied against the tax increase.
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lobby for something

to solicit support for something among the members of a voting body, such as the Congress. Tom is always lobbying for some reform bill or other. The manufacturers lobbied for tax relief.
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Indeed, one could make the claim that no understanding of American foreign-policy decision making is possible without understanding the role of lobbies and interest groups.
(The day the Republicans said they might allow the government to default on its debts, my father, no liberal, looked up from his paper and said of Gingrich, "That man is drunk with power.") But the deeper disappointment is that it was so easy for the lobbies and the Democrats to spook the public by screaming bloody murder.
Mandatory elevator lobbies in high-rise buildings have been extensively debated during the current NFPA code development cycle.
In these and other ways, ethnic lobbies are of real value.
There are constraints on the speed of its growth, such as the scarcity of politicians' time and attention; and some particular lobbies will stagnate or contract or disappear altogether, as presumably, buggy-whip lobbies have done.
Because the problem is systemic rather than moral, it is no use to condemn corporate lobbies while exculpating the Sierra Club, the teachers' unions, or the trial lawyers.
The success that both the consumer and thrift lobbies had in bamboozling Congress is best evidenced by William Proxmire, the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, who oversaw the $100,000 sellout.
For further office leasing information regarding 3202 Queens Boulevard, and for more information on the Building Art Program for landlords who wish to meet some of the artists who can provide original artworks to improve their building lobbies to help attract office tenants, please feel free to contact Seaman at 718-937-7900.
Noncharitables - advocacy groups and lobbies - are untaxed, but their donors cannot take a deduction under 501(c)4, at least not in theory.
The project includes plans to restore the two lobbies in the building, modernize its elevators and clean the building's facade for the first time in its almost 40-year history.
The walls of the lobbies will be covered in fabric wrapped horizontal "rusticated" panels.
The lobby itself makes a haute couture fashion statement in an area of Manhattan where lobbies are usually simple vestibules.
Kaufman Management has recently restored its lobbies and entrances in both the Nelson Tower at 450 Seventh Ave.
The owners of One Penn Plaza, Midtown Manhattan's fifth-largest building, have undertaken an $85 million program of improvements, calling for enhancements to all public spaces, including the 33rd and 34th street entry plazas, the main lobby, the west and east escalator lobbies, the Eighth Avenue plaza, the Seventh Avenue galleria, the Intermediate and Concourse-Levels, public corridors, rest rooms, all 44 elevators, the installation of four 24-foot high luminous logos atop the 57-story skyscraper, and improvements to the public sidewalks.
To sell properties or attract upscale tenants, building owners have never been hesitant about investing heavily in furniture, wall coverings and rugs for lobbies and other public areas in an effort to present the best possible "face" to the outside world.