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lob (something) at

1. To hurl or toss something at someone or something, especially in a long, high arc. He started lobbing snowballs at the kids across the street. Stop lobbing dirt at our neighbors' house!
2. To attack, question, or criticize someone verbally. The reporter started lobbing questions at the CEO about his alleged ties to organized crime. A heckler in the audience kept lobbing insults at the comic for most of his routine.
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lob something at someone or something

to throw or toss something at someone or something. Who lobbed this thing at me? They lobbed a stone at the cat, but that only made it mad.
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BKS Lobbers clinched their crown after defeating IBAK Blazers 3-2.
Men's Doubles One: Jabbar and Basian (IBAK Blazers) beat Madhu Menon and Nahaz Omer (BKS Lobbers) 21-15, 21-15
Men's Doubles Two: Jain NS and Arun Jose (BKS Lobbers) beat Noor and Suresh (IBAK Blazers) 21-16, 21-12
With July upon us, Wimbledon will take centre stage as the lobbers and grunters battle their way through in an effort to reach the final on Centre Court.
Some are "stoppers" or "lobbers," shooting a few resumes over to a corporation when they learn another search firm is up for an assignment, hoping to land the business.
But they would have walked away with the Waste Of Everybody's Time trophy with clip after endless clip of tomato throwers, melon pip spitters, black-pudding lobbers, lip kissers, toe wrestlers and beer- belly bargers.